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  1. I am huge fan of evernote.. It is one of the first important tools in my daily life. the design on Mac version is ok for me.. But I also have Windows 8 machines.. and that's where new whitish UI design sucks! I didn't get it at least.. Why would you bleach out everything? What was wrong with old dark grey one? Now Mac and Windows versions look completely different.. and it is much more difficult visually to find anything. In terms of features I do understand you have focus group towards which you were making decisions.. but for god's sake who loves this white new design? To me it looks now like default windows notepad in terms of colours. My vote for the bringing back the same design as in Mac version to the Windows version
  2. Hi, Any updates? And I am not sure will it work with S60 3rd, 9,3? I have nokia e72 Thanks Alex
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