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  1. No, it does not makes sense, sorry. Maybe I did not explained it clearly enough. I had created a note on the phone, say ‘to do checklist’ with items to check. It was not on my ipad, Then I went on site with unconnected ipad (it has a wifi only, connected to home network). On remote site, I had created a completely different offline note. Documented ton of stuff, and took pictures. Looked at it while I was Traveling back, it was OK. Note, this offline note was created AFTER the note on phone, and it is a different note altogether. After I arrived back home and connected ipa
  2. I have 2 devices associated with the account: Android phone and iPad. a small note was created on. Phone. another note was created offline on iPad and it had a lot if content, including photos. After iPad came online and synced, offline note disappeared without a trace. It does not show up in trash, in any other note, not on devices, and not on the web, as if it was never existed. I had restarted iPad, just in case, that had no effect. I had lost lot of important information created offline. Is there any hope of recovering it? This is a very strange behavior for the sync, t
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