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  1. Ah-hah! Suddenly all is clear! 😉 🙂 Thank you! Gary Barton
  2. and when I right-click on the Notebook name this is what I see:
  3. I'm using (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897)
  4. I can't find it in my New Evernote. I want to Export a Notebook so that I can Import it into another account. Help TIA 🙂
  5. My new user is receiving this message: Whenever I attempt to create a new tag in the notebook BHGS Lineage I Research Project, I receive the prompt in Evernote "Only tags that are already in this notebook can be added to this note." Is there something that you can do to lift this restriction? I suspect the problem is that it's a shared Notebook. Help! Gary
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