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  1. When all the to-do lists are completed, please make sure they are not visible on the Tasks tab. Currently, all completed tasks must be deleted to disappear from the Tasks tab. I will need to check the completed work later.
  2. 예전에는 PDF를 '첨부파일로 보기'로 해뒀거나, 엑셀 파일등이 검색 단어와 일치할 경우 해당 파일 색상이 노랗게 표시되었거든요. 그런데 지금은 그런 색상 표시가 안되는 것 같아서 너무 불편하네요. PDF는 '한페이지 보기' 로 바꾸면 검색에서 잡히긴 하는데, 엑셀이나 다른 파일들은 구분이 안되네요.. 나름 에버노트 핵심 기능이었는데,,ㅠㅠ
  3. When the PDF file was set to 'View as an Attachment', the older version colored the file yellow if the file has a search contents. If there are several PDF files in one note, I could tell which file has the search contents, but I don't think there is such a function in the new version. Is there no answer but to change 'Attachment view format'?
  4. In IPAD applications, the home screen should be configured more like a PC than an IOS. Currently, IPAD applications have cell phone screens as if they are stretched horizontally, but space efficiency is not good.
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