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  1. An automatic logout option whenever you quit. That would be perfect.
  2. I use Evernote daily for the trivial and important - just as it was designed. However, I can't find a way to require a password when I open the program or my notebooks after closing the program. I am somewhat uncomfortable with the amount of personal info I have in Evernote and if anyone in my office simply clicks on the green elephant icon, they have a great deal of my information suddenly available. Is there some way to require a login on each launch of Evernote? (I use the encrypted text feature regularly, but there are scans and pdfs that it won't encrypt.) I'd like a login requirement option.
  3. I'm an Evernote enthusiast and use the program every day. But the security is weak. I can't find that I can select an option to require a login after closing the app on my computer. Is this available?
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