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  1. For big books I do a bit of work before I get into the note-taking. First, I make a new Notebook with the title of the book Then, in the Notebook I make a ToC note with the names of all the chapters spaced out evenly (usually triple spaced - you'll see why) I make a new note for every chapter of the book and link it to my ToC. Then I do my reading and note taking - not forgetting to tag notes too. And bold important subheadings Lastly, I copy those important subheadings and paste them into the ToC under the relevant chapter link. I may also add other important details too the ToC - but more is less - it's only to get a general feel for the chapter. Thats it - hope that helps.
  2. This may sound a lot like I wish I had PDF annotation with skitch (I've had annotation for a long time, just not w/ skitch) , and I'm too cheap to pay. But in this case, after using the beta, it's the opposite. The skitch system is buggy, slow and a MB hog! Instead, on a Mac I can easily right-click > open with > preview - and I have nearly all of the annotation tools I want/need. It's a lot faster, much less buggy, and as far as I can tell, a lot lighter on the MB. And if you're worried about it not syncing to evernote - press save - it will. I guess what I'm saying is that PDF annotation on skitch isn't worthy of being a premium feature since there are easier, faster and less resource heavy methods of annotating pdf's on Evernote.
  3. My experience of the first 5 minutes: I download the new skitch beta and download the new evernote beta. I choose a pdf in evernote at random and click "mark up a copy with skitch". Skitch opens and the PDF is there. I highlight, save, sync and exit. Go to Evernote, sync, nothing. There is an additional pdf sitting there (nothing is changed though). Click that duplicated pdf and select "mark up a copy with skitch". Skitch opens up, pdf is there, I highlight "copy" on it. Save, sync and exit. Go to evernote, sync, nothing. Discover the (new) duplicate (now there are 2 duplicates) is now called "annotate" (and it has not changed with my highlighting either). Then I decide to open skitch (rather than evernote), open "annotate.pdf" (the 2nd duplicate), highlight, sync. Open evernote, sync, success!! Annotate.pdf is changed. Problems I have: It's redundant to have to sync a file to both Skitch and Evernote Why do I need a duplicate? What if I don't want a duplicate? Obviously there are some bugs with going straight from Evernote to Skitch and syncing back to Evernote since it doesn't seem to save to evernote unless I start with skitch. The system is not very MB friendly, I used 15 MB in my short experience.
  4. Fixed!! So in /Library/Application Support/Evernote/data my folders were named on variations of "101370.obsolete". I thought it was a tad strange but since all the folders in data were named as such I didn't know which folder to change (or in what way). When I uninstalled the beta and reinstalled 3.0.6 I was still missing my local files, but I noticed there was now a folder named "101370" (no suffix). So I deleted it and copied "101370.obsolete" over from my backup and renamed the folder "101370". Restarted Evernote - and the local files came back!! That was scary. Thanks for the help dlu.
  5. There was no migrating notes dialogue. and yes, Help >> Activity Logs is completely empty (0 log entries). Thanks, I'll give it a go.
  6. Sorry, bad communication. EN didn't post an error. I went into Evernote and the usual update screen came on saying that there was an update, I selected install and restart. Evernote flashed for a second on the screen then disappeared and there was a 10 - 15 second wait and the login menu appeared (which was very unusual, I don't even remember the last time I had to log into Evernote). EN then started to download all my notes from the server (took about 5 minutes) and when it finished I immediately noticed my local files were missing. I have no activities in the activity log I checked /Library/Application Support/Evernote/data and found some them - but there are about 1000 folders to go through, and sorting through that isn't much of an option. Please say there is a way for Evernote to restore those notes that are in the folders back into EN.
  7. So I just updated to the new evernote (beta I believe) and all my local (non-synced) files are now gone (not synced for legal reasons). I need them back. Any help would be awesome. Obviously, if I can't get them back, this would seriously limit my use of Evernote in the future. No other word processor/note taker deletes all of my files when an error occurs. Thanks
  8. My Tribute to Evernote: A Student's Guide This is my recent blog about how I used EN to help me in my studies. It's pretty basic, but hopefully it'll help other people.
  9. Yes you can. See paragraph above. Why, on Earth, would one want to use "Skim" when annotations are only visible to users of the app? :shock: Since this is your first post on this board, me thinks you must be affiliated with Skim. Not a problem except if you are, please state this rather than pretend to be a "user." Wow, you have managed to misread my entire post. First, I was merely describing Skim, I don't use it because it doesn't save notes and annotations to the PDF itself. Which, yes, means it's next to useless when I add them to Evernote. Second, I was requesting functions for Evernote, (there is no way to make annotations on PDFs in EVERNOTE, please keep in mind we're on an Evernote forum after all!) I use Evernote heavily for my projects and would like it if they expanded their functionality so I can highlight and annotate PDFs while I am still in Evernote - I would like to not have to go between 2 or 3 apps when I'm reading PDFs. I thought that the basic idea of Skim was well done, so I used it as an example. Third, why on earth would a skim "affiliate" (whatever that means) ask for evernote to copy its functionality? That doesn't make any sense. Needless to say, I'm not a affiliated with Skim, I wouldn't even particularly recommend the program, BUT it does something useful that evernote does not do. And with note sharing, I think it could add an extra kick to projects that require collaboration. Have a nice day! No you can not. See paragraph above.
  10. There is a free program about the web called "Skim". This handy tool lets the user underline, circle, post notes, icons, alerts etc directly onto PDF files allowing the user to mark up a PDF (the marking are only visible when using said program). This is something that I've always noticed missing in Evernote. there is no way to make notes on a PDF. PDF functionality resembling skim would make all the difference! Here is the link to the program. Rather neat. http://skim-app.sourceforge.net/
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