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  1. For big books I do a bit of work before I get into the note-taking. First, I make a new Notebook with the title of the book Then, in the Notebook I make a ToC note with the names of all the chapters spaced out evenly (usually triple spaced - you'll see why) I make a new note for every chapter of the book and link it to my ToC. Then I do my reading and note taking - not forgetting to tag notes too. And bold important subheadings Lastly, I copy those important subheadings and paste them into the ToC under the relevant chapter link. I may also add other important details too the ToC - but more is less - it's only to get a general feel for the chapter. Thats it - hope that helps.
  2. My Tribute to Evernote: A Student's Guide This is my recent blog about how I used EN to help me in my studies. It's pretty basic, but hopefully it'll help other people.
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