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  1. Why? This is totally bizarre to me -- I have 3.0.5 on Snow Leopard (no favs) and 3.0.3 on Lion (favs bar). Seems more costly to maintain separate EN branches for Lion vs. Non-Lion Macs -- it's hard to imagine that the Favs bar feature requires some special feature of Lion! The lack of consistency between Mac/Win is _somewhat_ understandable, but between Mac O/Ss? Argh.
  2. I would very much like to see some more table editing enhancements. On Mac: 1) Right-clicking for row, column and cell options (such as inserting, deleting and formatting) 2) Ability to insert rows and columns above or below a given selection 3) Ability to delete rows and columns At this moment, the only way to add a row is to go to the last cell (bottom-right) and hit the tab key. Not all that useful when you want to insert something in a specific order. Further, I only get this to work on tables inserted via the native EN function. Copy/pasted tables (I primarily have done this from web pages) are static -- no ability to edit.
  3. My # of notes and tags has grown, and now I really want a tag cloud visualization. The list of tags is just not useful. :-)
  4. I've been using the Windows client for many years, with occasional use on my personal Mac. I'm switching to a Mac for work now and noted that: a) The shortcuts don't really match... while some obvious ones do (e.g., control-n and command-n), many do not (e.g., start bullet or numbered lists). I find this odd and annoying given I will still be switching between platforms, potentially on a daily basis. I constantly use EN to log meeting notes and minutes. I must use the 'insert current date/time' shortcut 10 times a day (on Windows). In my first meeting on the Mac -- and there's nothing! I cannot even find a menu option to do it. Weird. Is there a proper way to log Product feedback to the EN team? Thanks.
  5. The list of tags gets longer and longer -- I basically leave that sidebar closed because it's just a big and not that useful to scroll through a long list of keywords. I was thinking it might be neat to use the Tag Cloud concept (you know, font size and shade of gray indicates how many times a tag is used) and display your personal cloud of tags in that pane. That eliminates the "height" issue as the cloud is a more compact view. Of course, it should be a configurable view setting for those that prefer a long list. Just a thought -- hardly a super important change... Thanks, Ben
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