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  1. Thank you for sending in the logs. We have raised an internal issue and dev is working on it.
  2. Sorry that you are having issues. We are looking into it. You could also help us by sending us the logs to investigate the issue. Start Evernote app, press menu option, select "settings", select send logs to "android-preview@evernote.com" Please mention the use case or the issue seen in the email subject. Thank you.
  3. Thank you for downloading and trying out the beta Version. Sorry that you are having problems. We are looking into it. It would really help if you could please recreate the issue and send us the logs from your device. 1. Was the note created from Android client or from any web client / Desktop client ? 2. Is the note a plain note or rich text note You can take logs from within Evernote app by going to Settings -> send logs to android-preview@evernote.com Thanks,
  4. We will have this option of saved search shortcut for phone version in our next release. Thanks,
  5. Yes, a note which is shared with modify permission can be edited and saved using Android client. To access shared notebooks, 1. Tap on shared notebook from home screen. 2. Select the particular notebook and select "Sync". Once the contents are synced, they can be edited /modified using Menu options and saved using android client. I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks,
  6. Thank you for downloading the Beta2 version 3.1. We are glad to note that rich text composition/editing is working well for the issues reported. Thanks for letting us know about the other issue. This will be fixed with our next Beta release. Thanks,
  7. Thank you for downloading new Beta and trying it out. You could use our feature "Create Shortcuts" to pin your needed notes. New widget with note preview displays notes with the below priority First Priority: Recently Viewed Notes on the device. Second Priority: New/Updated notes. Thanks,
  8. Hi Pierre Thank you for trying our Beta and providing your feedback. We really appreciate you taking time to send out the logs to us. Currently there is a bug causing this. We are aware of the cause for this problem. We are working on the fix. Thanks,
  9. Thank you for trying out the Beta version and providing your feedback. We will pass on your request on the feature. We are also looking into the issues reported.
  10. Thank you for your feedback. We have passed on this to our dev team.
  11. Thank you for your feedback. We are looking into resolving this issue.
  12. Thank you for the feedback on the Tweet deck. We will have that fixed.
  13. Forgot to mention the email, Please send the logs to Thanks,
  14. Dear User, Thank you for downloading our new Beta version and providing your feedback. However, we are not seeing this problem of camera on widget and within the app. Could you please provide us with more information as below. 1) Are you able to use camera from any other app like Facebook/Twitter with your device? 2) Can you please attempt to recreate the issue you are experiencing, then on your device, please go the following in your Android device: [Menu] > Settings > [Menu] > Send log > [Menu] > Send Thank you for your help.
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