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  1. Running 10.11 GM. At first web clipper was completely inactive (when clicking the button in Safari it did nothing). I did two things to make it work: 1) I disabled SIP (for non-related reasons having to do with the new Bartender beta). 2) Reboot Before disabling SIP in recovery terminal I would suggest that you try a full re-boot to see if that solves the clipper problem. Perhaps EN team can look and see if it's SIP related. Tom
  2. Check your Scansnap software version. I used to have this problem and then did the most recent firmware and software update on my Mac/iX500. It fixed the issue.
  3. This is actually really easy. I'm using a mac but there really is a similar workflow for windows I believe. What I do is drag a note (the one you want to use as the template) out of EN and put it on the desktop. It creates a file called NoteExport.enex. You can change the filename to whatever you want (like meetingtemplate.enex) but make sure you keep the extension the same. You have to store this file outside of Evernote (like a folder on your desktop or dropbox). The reason you can't store in EN is in the application of the template. When you want to apply the template into a notebook simply drag that .enex file off your desktop into the desired notebook. Then change the note title and off you go. The other alternative to this is create a template note in the notebook where you will use it (or create a notebook of templates) and copy/paste into a new note. Hope this helps. I'm sure there is a more elegant way Evernote could code this into the application however I would assume they haven't done this yet as it would be fairly complex to do across all platforms. Tom
  4. I have not. This is actually killing me as I've been using Evernote to store more and more mixed mode notes (text and office files). I'm thinking I'll have to switch back to Dropbox until some app appears that can do this.
  5. Greetings, Has anyone found an alternate to Quickoffice for the iPad with regard to editing office documents that are embedded into notes. Previously Quckoffice had a feature to link your EN account into it's cloud services area and then you could browse notebooks and open word documents right from the app. This was nice because there was no "round trip" needed within iOS. When you saved it, the document just saved right into the note. This was perfect for my workflow as I do store a lot of MS Word docs in Evernote notes. Well.. Then Google purchased Quickoffice and mucked everything up. Now the only cloud service that's offered to link is Google Drive. While GDrive is a nice service it doesn't replace EN and I want to keep using my existing workflow. My question to the users here is has anyone found an app that functions similar to the way Quickoffice used to work? Thanks in advance. Tom
  6. Just as a follow up for this - I'm actually using less notebook stacks now and more tags. My notebooks were getting somewhat monotonous and hard to remember names when emailing notes and trying to assign notebooks blindly. I still have some stacks but since switching to tags I've found that the information is easier to locate. I guess it's just varying perspectives on where the information resides in EN. Tom
  7. I've spent a lot of time and money evaluating different handwriting programs on the iPad. For me the criteria of a successful program is 1) Replication of handwriting in a electronic format. This includes all of the relevant mechanics including zoom, wrist protection and other bells and whistles. 2) Integration with EN (front door and back door). I've found two programs that work well and fufill my needs. Noteshelf is clearly the winner. It exports directly to EN and has a very feature rich operating envioronment. Also the writing is almost exactly what it would be with real paper/pen. The only downside to this program is it has no ability to type text. Some other apps in the app store have this feature but I've found that the quality of the writing is sacrificed in these apps. The second runner up would be Penultimate. This app is good but has no native EN integration. The only way to back-door integrate is to email your note or cluster of notes to the EN address and using tags and "@" to specify notebooks. This program also has an extremely realistic pen style and is feature rich. I think the upshot to the EN team - if your going to put a hand writing client as integrated into the EN app make sure you don't shortcut the pen style quality or mechanics. Otherwise it would be better to keep an app or two in the trunk that provides decent integration. Tom
  8. Got it. I just figured this out - looking at it from a different perspective now. Thanks.
  9. I've really found the notebook stacks useful. Many times I send in notes via my email (to my specific Evernote email address). Is it possible to send a note in this format via email where you want it to go into a subfolder of the stack. i.e. NotebookStack/Notebook1 Normally I send this in with the subject line of @"notebookname". Thanks in advance! Tom
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