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  1. Thanks, PE. I know; I save it in the helper when I've finished making the note. That way, if I do have any further flashes of inspiration, it's available on all devices for editing & updates. No noticeable lag on the EN app…
  2. After days nervously avoiding using the helper app, I've just saved a test in it & it appears to be working as well for me as it does for you. No updates on anything material at this end. Bemused…
  3. Not at all. Thanks for commenting. Because it's quicker to use the helper to record your thoughts & ideas with speed, & you're less likely to lose your thread of inspiration with the source still visible…
  4. Last few weeks or so, syncing has been a pain while using the Evernote shortcut widget on my MacBook Pro's main menu, running along the top of the screen (latest OS). Save an entry using the widget & it takes hours to appear in Evernote. Which means any additional trains of thought or edits can't be logged, potentially losing momentum, valuable ideas & learning. No sign of the entries online, on mobile, or on desktop for hours. This is a new problem. Hasn't occurred before now, altho' I have updated my OS recently. Does anyone have a clue what's going on? Would pre
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