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  1. Yes I agree and having the whole page is not really a drama although something more like Instapaper's article extraction would be optimal. So I gather Evernote does not have real web-clipping capability for mobile devices. Well I suppose that's why Instapaper's exists. I'm also expecting Readledocs will soon do this now they have introduced the PDF feature. Cheers.
  2. I'm new to Evernote and generally find it great, BUT why the inconsistency between the desktop version and mobile versions. Before I go "premium" I want to see this product is easy to use and grief free! But, not being able to simply use the same web-clipping icon feature in Safari on my iPad or iPhone like I can on the desktop annoys me. OR am I missing something here? I see the thread on what seems to be migration of the desktop feature onto mobile devices, so is it just not possible? Is Instapaper a better option? Even Printopia enables PDF clipping from the iPad / iPhone but sends it tobthe desktop so is no use if you need the page while mobile. Web-clippings are a big part of the notes I gather for business. Is there a fix / enhancement planned? Or am I not using it properly? Thanks for your time and help.
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