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  1. I have introduced Evernote to several of my co-workers and they use it on their phones. Regarding our institution, technology is not a high priority. We still have Office 97 on several of our work stations. I have convinced the powers that be to move to Open Office and this approval was made in September but it has yet to be installed on one computer. I have no interest discussing all the nuances of the situation because it serves no purpose but to give you more of an idea, there are cracks in the walls of our office so big I can see outside. If you are interested in exploring how any institution can work this way go to work for an impoverished municipality run by a bunch of rednecks where the unemployment rate is well above the national average (despite our state being well below). I pick my battles and believe me, it will be easier for me to learn to code and write a custom program than it would be to deploy Evernote at work in the traditional manner. I hoping to find an easier way.
  2. With all due respect, I didn't ask for any suggestions about whether I SHOULD try to solve this problem, I just asked HOW I can solve this problem. I shouldn't have to explain my workplace politics and operating procedures before asking for help. It's none of your business what my employer wants or what I do on their dime. I don't need you to protect me with your sagely advice. I need help integrating Evernote (which last time I checked is generally used to improve Productivity) into my workflow within specific technical constraints. So please, I'm only interested in productive responses to my question. Keep your condescending puns and assumptions to yourself and don't make me come over there. (Just so you don't worry, let me assure you that what I am trying to do is not against policy and it will not get me in trouble.)
  3. I'm pretty sure this is not possible because notes are stored in the db, not as individual text files but I am open to workarounds. Here is my problem... At work we have windows xp workstations. We are not admins and that's not going to change. Also, we don't have assigned work stations and while they are networked they don't really take advantage of this option. To keep your stuff accessable you really need to keep it with you, not on the network. I don't have the internet and I cannot install Evernote for Windows. I have an Android phone and I can connect it to the computer via USB and use it as a mass storage device. I'd like to be able to add and edit notes from one of those computers, taking advantage of the full screen and keyboard for longer more complex notes (no a BT Keyboard is not an option). I'd also like to avoid having to import and export all the time. Ideally I'd be able to access notes directly through the file system and edit them as rich text or even just plain text. If that's not possible having a folder on my Android that watches for new text files and converts them to notes would work, at least for creating new notes. Another possibility would be a portable version of evernote for windows that I could install on a thumb drive or on the SD card in my phone. Any suggestions?
  4. I second this request but in the mean time I have a simple workaround for you that is much easier than using Tasker. If you use LauncherPro (or ADW or a bunch of other home screen alternatives) you can add custom shortcuts. In LancherPro you add the shortcut, then choose "Activities" then it brings up a list of all the apps. Under each app you can build a shortcut to any action. For the new note you choose: com.evernote.ui.NewNoteActivity. Hope this helps.
  5. You could make it a "Read Only" notebook and have your group members submit via the "Add by Email" function. This way they'd all be able to see and use the docs and they'd be able to add docs but only you'd be able to edit them.
  6. It would be very helpful if you broke the "Mobile" section of the trunk down by the specific OS compatibility or at least label which apps work with which OS on the main Mobile screen. It is extremely frustrating to navigate that page looking for something I can use on Android only to click on an app and find out that it's only available for iPhone. Adding to the frustration is the fact that when I hit the back button it brings me back to "New & Notable" not Mobile.
  7. I use the NeatDesk with Evernote. As others have pointed out, Neat Works does some pretty complex things by finding and parsing data into fields but I don't use that at all. NeatWorks also has the ability to scan to an OCR'd PDF. I have it setup to automatically save every document into my "Evernote" folder, and Evernote for Windows automatically uploads the PDF to Evernote. I've found it a pretty good way to archive my documents.
  8. Thanks, that's good to know. It still would be much more efficient to be able to set Offline tags so content to be synced for offline use can be managed granularly without disrupting ones organizational method.
  9. Yes, please add the ability to Rotate an attached image.
  10. I would like the option to sync notes that have a particular tag instead of (or as well as) an entire notebook. I only have several notes in several different notebooks that I need to sync for offline use. In order for me to do this now I'd have to... a) sync all my notebooks and burn through my 1GB a month pretty fast, or move the notes I want offline into their own notebook Option "b" is the obvious choice however that completely breaks my organizational scheme. It would be great to have the flexibility to choose on a note by note basis which notes would be downloaded for offline use by specifying an "offline" tag. Thanks.
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