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  1. FWIW, my work is not project based and the creation date of the notes is not a problem, nor is it the key factor for me that determines a notes relevancy. Search works great when I want to find specific note(s) but when I want to see, at a glance, the notes are most current for me I scan down the notes list. My request is about a way to exclude certain notes that I don't want in the list. Using tags would be a great solution if only the iPhone app, which I use heavily, allowed me the same flexibility on how a sort, group and filter my notes.
  2. I'd love some kind of built-in 'archive' feature where you can 'Archive' a note and it is no longer visible in the UI unless you choose to 'View Archived Notes'. The purpose is so I don't have to delete, export, or otherwise reorganize notes when they are no longer relevant but I want to keep the info available just in case. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this: 1) add an 'archived' property to notes such that any notes that have been behave as described above. If you turn off the 'archive' property, the note would appear in it's notebook as normal. 2) move the note to a special 'archive' notebook. this notebook is always around but it's contents are not included in the 'All Notebooks' view. What I'm doing for now (not ideal) is I created a local notebook called 'Archive' and I move notes into that when I don't want to see them anymore. The primary reason I do that is so I don't see them in the iPhone app which doesn't support notebooks well (another issue).
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