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  1. Hello. I'm a Computer Scientist student and this is how I use Evernote: 1. Write down bunch of notes for each "regular" class 2. When it comes to code, write code in Notepad++, export as HTML, copy paste to Evernote 3. When it comes to formulas, export LaTeX as JPEG/PNG, import to Evernote 4. When it comes to exponents/subscripts, copy paste from Microsoft Word or use ALT shortcuts (if I remember them). Silly, right?
  2. I would like to see a response from an employee. 8)
  3. Currently I have... 1 Notebook and 5 Notes under it. - School ...- Class 1 ...- Class 2 ...- Class 3 ...- Class 4 ...- Class 5 and each Note I name: 20111801 - Class 1 - Title And I have 3 tags: - Syllibus - Classnotes - Booknotes This works for my organization but the titles of notes are so crowded. :? You're not gonna break and just admit that tabbed/paged notes are better?
  4. BurgersNFries, many valid points. I have heard of Evernote before but I never needed it. Until now I started in the university studying Computer Science, I needed some great software to handle all of my notes/data. Obviously, Word and many different folders wasn't doing magic so fellow students pointed me to OneNote and I started using it. I was bummed because I couldn't use it without having to set up Microsoft Office so I began my search and came upon Evernote. I fell in love with the idea. I read heaps of reviews but I never got to understand how I could organise myself for school like I did before. I watched most of the videos on YouTube that covered tags and how you could use them to organise yourself. Really, I still can't figure it out. I find them so global, because every note can use the same tag. That's why I'm not fond of using tags to organise my notes, but instead I use it to tag notes with certain keywords and then finding the notes containing the keywords quickly. Also, there must be a reason Wikipedia lists this as a GENERAL feature.
  5. The way that you organize notes in Evernote is via Notebooks and tags. If tabs such as you suggest are ever implemented in Evernote, it will be quite awhile, so my recommendation to you is that you need to come to terms with using tags effectively in Evernote, or else you'll be fighting it all the time. ~Jeff Tags are so global, not good for organising, but very good for finding stuff.
  6. I got the following private message... How about a Notebook named 2011, each Note under that was named after the months (Jan, Feb, Mar, ..., Dec) and each page/tab under each Note was named after the days (01, 02, 03, ..., 31). That would be more organized and more comfortable! If I were searching for some notetaking software (and I would not be familiar with Evernote or OneNote), I would go to some comparison site like this and decide from: 1) amount of general features. You're only missing two! Maybe you could forward this to Evernote's project managers?
  7. I don't want to make EN into OneNote, I'm just discussing a way to make it even better (by borrowing one feature elsewhere). It would also make users change from OneNote to Evernote within a heartbeat because aside from that one feature, Evernote is much better than OneNote; It's cross-platformed, it's lightweight (not bloated/crowded like OneNote (Office)), it syncs with a cloud, it has a smartphone app(s), etc.. The only downside is there are no pages/tabs so you can organise yourself even more. Say I would buy a management-folder in a bookshop. It would have a name, then it would have sections and each page under each section would have a name. Doing this with tags is way too confusing. Of course I'm not saying tags are not unnecessary, they are great when you want to mark certain notes with some keyword and then easilly find them later on. But using them as a organization-tool is wrong - and way too confusing. The organization structure I'm talking about is something like this...
  8. It seems very easy to preface each note title with the date in YYYYMMDD format & keep each day's notes in a single note. Then keep all notes for that course in a single notebook. I COULD also make new .txt on my computer and name it in YYYYMMDD format & keep each day's notes in a single file. Then keep all notes for that course in a single folder. We're talking about organization and comfortability here! OneNote has pages/tabs. Why not Evernote?
  9. I think it would be awesome to have Stacks, Notebooks, Notes and then Pages/tabs under each Note. For example if someone's taking a class/course. He could make a new notebook "TheCourse". Then he could make a new note named "Lecture notes" under that notebook. Then he could write down notes for each lecture on a different page/tab under the note "Lecture notes". But now you have to make a new note for each day/lecture, which is soon to be confusing. The other possibility would be very organize-friendly. The others who are stuck in the old fashion method, could go along creating just a new note with no pages/tabs.
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