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  1. people dont crack hashed passwords these days, they look them up in an already existing database returning the un-hashed data within seconds, do that on a few salted passwords and it won't take long to figure out what the salt is and what the password is. A leaked hashed password and its salt, IS a compromised password. Allowing passwords to be changed without email verification IS stupid and insecure.
  2. Password reset is also insecure. We have to assume the passwords were compromised, if they got the passwords they probably got the salts too. Therefore allowing us to log in with the compromised password and set a new password, without first verifying who we were by email, is totally insecure. Yes its sends a confirmation with option to override the password reset but that email expires in 2 hours, so if the real user doesn't happen to read their emails in that 2 hour window, that's it, account hijacked.
  3. I had not noticed the clipper deleting everything because when I looked in local storage I would see the clippers entries + my own. But now you mention it, I did have some issues where my application appeared to be loosing all its information - I assumed this was a bug in my application. I never got to the bottom of it, and the problem went away. Perhaps it was the web clipper all along. Anyway lets hope the changes to the beta version posted above resolve these issues.
  4. Have installed the beta version. Looks good so far, no sign of clearly html before clipper activated for the page, and no rogue entries in local storage.
  5. Maybe evernote webclipper could check for a <meta name="evernote" content="enabled=false"/> or something in the page and have it ignore that page / app.
  6. Agree, it needs to be less intrusive, and just because its easier to develop shouldn't be reason enough to load it unnecessarily every time a page or app is loaded. And its just a plain bug the way it is visible in view source and rendered xml.
  7. Recent updates of webclipper are becoming too intrusive, most recently web clipper has started storing stuff in localStorage, for example options, presumably without a care for what it might clobber, good job my web application decided to include some namespace convention when storing its options into local storage. Also evernote injecting clearly html into every page you visit even if your not going to click evernote, I don't understand this, why can't it inject at the point you click the evernote icon? Close to uninstalling evernote webclipper, which is a shame because I use it a lot.
  8. I was investigating why I was getting what looked like injected html for evernote clearly in my pages having uninstalled the clearly extension. I was most puzzled by this. Turns out its evernote clipper doing it! I am left wondering why the web clipper is injecting html into pages I am not clipping from? I am developing a web application, so sit in the inspector a lot of the time, and when experiencing an issue with a scrolling div got distracted by this extra html wondering if it was responsible for the anomalies. It turned out it wasn't but thats besides the point. I don't want extra html in my pages when I am developing, but I do want to run the web clipper because its very useful. This is a recent change. Is it intentional? Is there a way I can turn that particular behaviour off? The injected HTML in question is: <style id="_clearly_component__css" type="text/css">#next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; } </style> <div id="_clearly_component__next_pages_container"></div> Can't imagine why that would need to be injected before the web clipper button is pressed.
  9. Do you mean link in the context of evernote or the internet in general. I can't comment for Evernote's internal definitions of what a link is, but Internet Links (or URIs) are references to resources, a search is as much a resource as a document is. A blog is also a dynamic resource, but can be linked to in Evernote by pasting its URI into a note. A google search can be linked to in Evernote. An Evernote search can't be linked to a note in evernote however. I think that the term link, is exactly the correct term to use as you are linking to information outside of the note to that note through some form of URI.
  10. Note links were an excellent addition to evernote, so I can now cross reference my notes. However, I would like to be able to link to a saved search or tag in a note. I tend to have a master note for a project that links to all the bits of information related to that project. This can be cumbersome and time consuming to keep up to date using note links. The tag system is great here, because I always tag my notes with the name of the project, its a natural thing to do when creating a note. It would be cool if I could link to that tag, so that when reading / reviewing a note, I see in my see also section of my note a link that will run a saved search or tag search, so I can see all other related notes, without having to maintain the links between my notes manually. See Also Evernote Notes (tag:Evernote) or Evernote Project (search:Evernote)
  11. I am using note links to maintain a list of tasks in one note with checkboxes, and link to sub-notes with details for that task. It would awesome if, when typing my list (or viewing an existing list) I could highlight the text of the list item, right click it, and select Create Note... or Create Linked Note... and it creates a note in the same notebook, using the highlighted text as the title, possibly copies the tags (which can be edited) and stick you in the body ready to type. With such a feature I can build up lists of things that need doing, and when I am ready to work on a particular thing, or to go into more detail, at that point I can quickly and easily create a linked note. Instead what I have to do now, is select the text, right click it, and copy. Then create a new note, manually set its title (paste), assign its notebook, then right click the note in the list of notes to the left, copy its note link, find my way back to the original note, locate the text I copied / entry in the list, highlight it again, and paste the link I just copied in its place, then click the note link to get back to the new note so I can start working on it.
  12. > 1. Find the MAC address on this machine. This is globally unique anyway. It's not. But +1 to being able to link notes together please.
  13. Could we have the ability to add colour to our notebooks and / or tags. These could be used to highlight certain types of notes when viewing multiple notebooks or tags at once, for example, status or priority. Would need some way to indicate the colour of a note in the note lists, and quite how you display a note with more than one colour (from tags or notebook) not sure, just make one take priority over the over. First tag > other tags > Notebook.
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