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  1. I'd love to hear alternatives if people found them... Till then the best I've found is Print screen, folders, TextWrangler, and Notepad++. lol.
  2. Funny as heck... Evernote is getting a ton of low reviews in the Mac Apps store. They are aware of this problem but haven't done anything about it. I'd love to use Evernote and I'd love to pay for premium but man, talk about shoddy support for Mac users. Even after all this time! It's amazing. I guess even the greats have to fall sometime and somewhere. I've resorted to using TextWrangler (Mac) and Notepad++ (Windows) and Dropbox to keep all my stuff in sync. It's nice to know that at least I'm not dependent on a company that doesn't give a ***** about its software. I miss the searching and the ability to keep everything in one place instead of a folder structure. Was easier to find stuff too. Oh well. Times are a changing! The less dependent you are on a company like Evernote, you won't have to worry about stuff like this when they don't give a ***** about a portion of their users. Hopefully OneNote comes to Mac someday? Considering even moving all my stuff to Google Docs since I have a Chromebook too. lol. VooDooPad is nice but Mac only. Springpad is web only. Amazing. :/ Goes to show you when a company (Evernote) has no competition ... there's no need to care about users or keeping its program great.
  3. One nice thing about Evernote is that they have a great refund policy. Nice to get your money back from a flawed product that was pushed out to the public and continues to have problems even though users report them. Best wishes to Evernote, best wishes to people who use it. Adios.
  4. THANK YOU for posting. I KNEW I wasn't the only one having this problem. I checked all my settings, being a software developer I have customized Mac OS X ML quite a bit... but I didn't think anything would affect writes to the HD. Thank you for posting this! There must not be a lot of Evernote Mac users... Same thing happens to me. I make ANY EDIT - whether pasting text, writing text, adding spaces to the end of a line - and if I move to another note, I instantly get a beachball and it doesn't move to the other note. I've timed these lockups to be anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute averaging about 30 seconds. Makes Evernote completely unusable. I had 2 premium accounts. But with this happening, I'm looking elsewhere for my documents. Haven't found anything as awesome as Evernote yet... So TextWrangler it is... What frustrated me about this was - no one else was reporting this in the forums. lol. So again, thanks for posting this.
  5. Seriously? No other Mac user is having this problem?!
  6. Evernote 3.3 from Mac App Store Macbook Air 2011 128GB SSD (101GB free) OS X Mountain Lion On a Verizon FIOS WiFi connection Basically, say I am in a notebook with 2 notes.. I edit the text in one note, then click on the other note, Evernote hangs for a good 20+ seconds giving me the spinning beachball. It doesn't matter if I'm full screen or not - same thing. There is no significant CPU or disk activity during this Evernote freeze. After the freeze is over, everything works - until I change data in a note, then try to move to another note - then there is another "hang." I've uninstalled, reinstalled, and tried a number of things (restarting, etc...). No effect for now. I'm a software developer so if I can help in any way let me know. This doesn't happen on my Windows boxes. Thanks! -Paul
  7. Is there a target date as to when this will be available for the Windows Evernote application? Thanks!
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