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  1. Thanks for those responses, guys! Much appreciated.
  2. Wow, I'm really learning a lot on this forum. Can someone tell me how/why, in what circumstance to use hash tags (#) and contexts (@)? I think that's what they are called.
  3. While we're on tags, sometimes I will try to apply a tag with the same first two (or so letters) as a previously used tag that has those letters capitalized. It seems to auto-capitalize no matter what I want it to do. A little annoying to have to workaround it. For example: prior tag "AC purchase" new tag intended: "account" Autofill text: "ACcount" Any ideas on that one?
  4. Thanks, I didn't mean it perjoratively. Just noted that I tag with everything I can think of today....tomorrow? as I said, inconsistent memory.
  5. Thanks for your quick response. I guess I'm concerned that I will forget how I tagged something or tag inconsistently. I usually have to store things where I'm likely to look when I can't remember where I put it. Haha. Save me from myself.
  6. I was wondering if anyone knows a way to link PDFs from multiple notes. I am using a neat scanner, and using their software there is a way to create a multi-page PDF from several scans, but it requires some extra work to scan everything, then combine and add to evernote. Image Capture with Snow Leopard is much more efficient, but I end up with 4 separate notes for a 4-page PDF. Thanks!
  7. Sorry if answered elsewhere, didn't see anything. How would you go about adding duplicate note to multiple (say 2) notebooks? For example: I scan in a receipt for a product and I want it in a "home" notebook for warranty/return issues, but also in "tax" notebook for obvious reasons. Is this superfluous and should I just go tag-crazy instead? I seem to have a problem remembering how I categorized stuff with respect to tags. Thanks!
  8. Dumb noob question/comment, but would the encryption feature do it for you guys? It's my understanding that sensitive parts of a note ie a password or account number can be encrypted.
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