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  1. As I attempt to block jbenson2, I get the following message: "You cannot add administrators and moderators to your foes list."
  2. You responded exactly as I would have expected. I will, however this option is not available for the "Evangelists".
  3. Suggestion: Please don't set up your medical practice in the Minneapolis area. This type of response to a new user is exactly what aggravates me about this forum: jbenson2, metrodon, BnF, etc... This was a new person who isn't as familiar with the program, and jbenson2 dives into personal attacks. It's the very reason I wish the forum allowed a user to hide moderators from view. I understand you don't work for the company, but why bring any negativity at all into the discussion? I visit the forum daily and have learned a ton about EN, but I'm constantly appalled at the lack of civility from a few. EN staff: it's your forum, can you please address this?
  4. I am looking at the scansnaps, trying to decide which to buy. The S1300 looked like a good fit except that Fujitsu's comparison matrix says that the S1300 does not do "scan to evernote". Is their website wrong? It sounds like you are doing "scansnap to evernote" (second from the bottom of their table) with your S1300. I use the S1300 and love it. When I had a Windows machine, I set up a folder to scan to, and Evernote "watched" the folder and automatically imported new documents. I'm now on a Mac, and the ScanSnap scans directly to Evernote all in one motion.
  5. Sorry to steer you the wrong direction initially. I seriously was told this wasn't possible, and had silently been cursing Apple/Evernote for messing with my workflow. All is now right with the world. Now if I could just figure out these darn keyboard shortcuts for the Mac.
  6. I bought an S1300 earlier this year when I still had a Windows machine. It worked flawlessly and I could set a 'watched' folder to scan to that went directly to EN. 2 weeks ago I bought a Mac, and upgraded to Lion. I downloaded the ScanSnap software from the Fujitsu website and it installed fine. Apparently there is no way to scan directly to EN on the Mac, which is a bit of a pain. You need to scan to a document folder, then drag the document to EN in a separate step. Hopefully they'll add the 'watched folder' option in the future.
  7. File types was not the reason I upgraded to Premium, but it was a welcome benefit. For me, it was the 1024MB upload allowance per month.
  8. So did I...until they canceled the Palm.net service...which pushed me to Blackberry.
  9. My Palm VII data plan charges me $0.50 per KB downloaded. At that rate, my 3GB Evernote database is going to cost me....a lot. :shock:
  10. I don't allow my ScanSnap to do the OCR. Once the .pdf is uploaded to Evernote, they take care of OCR.
  11. Concur. I tried the many-notebook route, which made searching more difficult. Now I use just a couple of notebooks and tag liberally.
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