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  1. Thanks Peter -- that was precisely the behaviour I wanted to achieve, and it worked as soon as I got 4.5.7 on my computer. Truly appreciate that you made the effort to read the post and give the concise and proper answer that was a 100% match to the question.
  2. @kvitekp How do I get this beta? I selected beta downloads, and checked for update, and the latest version downloaded was (254164) Prerelease. Many thanks, Justin
  3. Can we have the following two options added which control search behaviour on the Windows Note Search box. 1. Only perform search on enter (or click of the magnifying glass) My work computer is *****. Every letter press takes about 5 seconds while it reloads appropriate notes. Can we have an option to disable search-as-you-type? 2. Search includes OCR; can that be disabled? I tag everything very well, but end up with far too many results because Evernote's greedy results of OCR findings dominate. Can we have an option to exclude OCR findings from search results? My handwriting is so bad than even Evernote's great OCR is rarely better than random. thaks, Justin Rolfe London UK.
  4. thanks. @pricklypig Requesting macro security clearance and restarting Outlook the button appear. Before, EvernoteOL.dll was enabled, but the toolbar appeared without any buttons in it, no matter what I did to mess about with COM addins.... (win XP, Outlook 2007, restrictive corporate policies)
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