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  1. The ability to load different file types was certainly a factor in my decision to upgrade to premium. The ads irritated me too. I see I've used 26Mb and have 29 days left in this cycle, so I think the upload limit would stop me from downgrading. Or I'd have to look hard at what I'm saving. It's nice to be able to send in photos or scans without thinking too much about the file size.
  2. I use Calibre to organise my books, Stanza or Blio to read on the iPhone (not that I do a lot of reading on it), but also store a copy in Evernote if it's a book I want to be able to search - those times when I know I read something, but can't remember where.
  3. I've been using Markdown for notes too. For notes that I'm likely to want to edit, I keep them in Dropbox and use Elements, or Nocs on my iPhone. I only keep a static form on Evernote, because of the problems mentioned here, and in many other threads. It's a bit odd that a hi-tech gadget like the iPhone takes word processing back to the 1980s. Soon we'll be re-living the heady days of the first WYSIWYG software!
  4. I normally use ’ as an apostrophe in any text I've typed myself, but in text that I've copied, it will often be '. The two characters are treated differently in searching. I saw in today’s Tech Blog that the filters Evernote uses “remove apostrophes and other intra-word punctuation.” A lot of my notes are in French, so a word like hiver (or any word that starts with h or a vowel) could appear as l'hiver or l’hiver depending on the source. To find the first, I'd have to search for lhiver, whereas the second shows as l and hiver separately. Of course, if I can only remember that the word appeared in the document, but can't remember it said un hiver, l'hiver, or d'hiver, then it can take a few attempts to find what I'm looking for. Does anybody have any clever way to deal with these quirks in the way different forms of the same punctuation marks are treated? Also, the Tech Blog said that it removed “English “stop words” like “the” and “and””. Is there any way to get the same sort of effect for other languages? So, for instance, in my example, I could just type hiver, and not worry about whether it had l', l’, d' or d’ in front of it.
  5. Evernote OCR makes the note searchable, but it doesn't actually give you the text. Third party OCR will let you have the text available as a text file.
  6. I don't know what's going on there - when I remove the icon it stays removed.
  7. I'm afraid I don't know - maybe someone more knowledgeable will be along soon. I don't know why removing the icon through the Safari menu isn't working for you - I didn't need to do anything fancy at all to remove the icon on my machine.
  8. I've just removed it using View/Customize Toolbar… in Safari. I dragged the icon out of the toolbar. It disappeared. I restarted Safari, and it's still gone.
  9. Thank you, yes it does make sense. I need to find a new way to create notes, then, so they don't disappear half way through setting them up. I think the reason I've only found it a problem recently is that I've been cutting and pasting from Safari. Once the new extension appears, that will probably sort it out.
  10. I don't know if I'm missing something obvious, but EN keeps changing the notebook selection. I have "all notebooks" selected, I create a new note (cmd + N) and EN switches to displaying my default new notes notebook instead of "all notebooks" so when I move the new note that I'm currently working on to the appropriate notebook, it disappears from view and I have to go and re-select "all notebooks." It gets very irritating after a few times.
  11. That sounds unusual. I'd suggest going through customer support. It's always behaved that way for me (always = since I first started using Evernote, towards the end of last year). I just make a point of using cmd + H, to hide rather than minimise, then curse when I forget. The cmd + H works, the cursing doesn't help a lot . Edit - I hadn't actually tried anything other than hiding for ages, but having written this, I thought I'd better check it, and it seems to be working fine now.
  12. I agree, the favourites bar makes it very easy to put a notebook, note, tag or saved search somewhere convenient while you're working on it. Unlike the note links, this wasn't something I had thought about at all, but now it's there, it's extremely useful.
  13. I like being able to add things to the favourites bar - being able to rearrange them, and remove them would be nice too. I like the idea of being able to put a single note or a saved search in the bar temporarily, such as this year's holiday plans, or the notes for the book I'm studying at the moment. I'm with the group that doesn't like just having the thumbnail view in full screen mode. Full screen isn't an advantage over the normal view if it can't support the full range of options. I use the snippet view normally, and don't like having it change if I change the view mode.
  14. I don't suppose our comments are going to change the Lion colour scheme, but for what it's worth I like the grey. I don't like it when the colours of the software fight for attention with my content. With this interface, I see my notes more than the Evernote app. I think the favourites bar has potential - being able to add notebooks, tags, saved searches &c would make it very useful. The rate at which new features are being added is very impressive. I hope Evernote succeeds in being around for 100 years, because I'm becoming more and more dependent on it. … Well, maybe 50 years will be enough for me.
  15. Is 2.3.0 available? I'm on 2.2.3 and don't see an available update when I check (whether the "update to beta" box is checked or not).
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