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  1. I already use Jungledisk to backup my files in bulk. It's fantastic for that, and meets all my security requirements, but it doesn't have the presentation layer that EN does. Sounds like I might have to sacrifice a bit though...
  2. New EN user here who jumped the gun and signed up for premium before I discovered these gaping security limitations. Had I known there were no usable encryption features, there's no way I would have upgraded to premium. To me encryption is a MUST for any online storage/collaboration service, so I just assumed it was built into EN. I keep ALL of my documents in EN, including bank statements, tax returns, etc...totally paperless household. Because I use it like this, ALL of my notebooks are local only. I would really like to have access to my documents from all of my devices, and I would also really like the safety net of having them stored "in the cloud". For this to happen, EN needs to encrypt my files on their servers using a custom key, at a minimum. I don't care about the notebooks not being locally encrypted, but for me it's a deal-breaker if the files are not encrypted when in the cloud. Even if I have to give up bells and whistles like OCR due to the EN cloud servers not being able to open an encrypted file, that's fine with me. I use EN to organize, and remotely access my docs, that's it. I can't dream up a reason why I'd ever need the OCR feature, since I can find anything I want quickly within my notebook tree. Just my two cents....
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