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  1. Rich, please expand on this statement. I think it is too vague and may lead to misunderstanding. How exactly will Google have access to EN user data. So far the data is on their storage, encrypted with their keys, so i get in theory they can just take it all (though I doubt they would). The devil is in the details of who has access to the services, the data at rest, and access to those keys.
  2. Metrodon, I disagree. There are limits to what you would disclose, but the answer is not silence. RSA was hacked and, after some time had passed, they told the story. Nothing in what they disclosed was news to the bad guys. But it was very useful for those of us who do not work at computer security for a living. The Matt Honan story is another must read if you intend to live in the cloud. Please Evernote. Follow the example of responsible disclosure.
  3. I have seen that post, and twitter, and the various news reports. But as you highlight, nothing new since almost 3 weeks ago. The early reports rightly focused on what we should do in the aftermath. That was the most critical thing, and I am sure Evernote needed time to fully understand what had happened and what they needed to do. What I am looking for is a) how did the break in happen b ) what are the leasons learned and c) what does Evernote plan to do about it. If they are not in a position to talk about it yet, I suggest that a blog post saying they understand the need and when they think they will be ready to talk would put a lot of minds at ease. I at least am willing to give them time, but I cannot wait forever. If I need to move off Evernote I need to know (I already have moving off Google Reader looming, so time is short ) Phil? Dave? Surely you can say more by now.
  4. There are other threads on the password reset, lost notes, and 2FA. But no one at Evernote is explaining what happened or what has been done about it. I expected some time to pass before they did, but I am troubled by the continued silence. Am I alone? Evernote, do you plan to ever speak to this? If so, when do you think you will?
  5. Allow me to answer my own post. I am now able to sync and logon to the web site. Looks like things are better or at least starting to get better.
  6. Rather than 90% I am affected 100%. I cannot sync from Windows, and I cannot logon to the web site. Thankfully I have my local copies, but anything that requires a sync is broken and has been since this all started. I saw your 1 pm update, and thank you for that. When should we expect another update?
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