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  1. The PDF I was annotating was an existing note attachment. I was using the annotate feature included with Evernote. I received this error originally while annotating. After several times attempting to annotate the document, I received the error message again and again, even if I had just saved. When it was working (briefly) the annotated PDF would save back to its parent note. After receiving the error message though, it would save to a different note of its own creation named "Annotated Note". I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I have no idea why I'm getting this message.
  2. I have been using the annotation feature in Evernote (Windows) for the past 2 days. It worked fine the first day, but today it won't function correctly. I annotated a PDF today for about an hour and then I received an error message reading "This resource has changed unexpectedly or has been deleted externally. Please save a copy in a new note or try again later." I tried opening the PDF again and annotating, but received this message again after 2 minutes. I tried troubleshooting for a while but continued to get the same Error message. I turned off the sync, tried a local EN notebook, and tinkered with some other settings. I purchased EN Premium primarily for the annotation function, so for it not to work is disappointing. Someone please help!!
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