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  1. Yes. It also isn't very helpful that a fair fraction of the time I try to import Onenote notes into Evernote, it crashes the program. I reported it as a bug 6 months ago, and a fix is not forthcoming. Safe to say that EN doesn't appear (to my eyes) to care much about pen-device users.
  2. Still no reply to this from EN. Has anybody tried MS's Onenote on the Surface Pro as an alternative to EN? Since this is the main way I use it, I could just drop EN premium and go with Onenote for awhile. Not preferred, but this issue is both 1. pretty irritating and 2. seems to accomplish nothing other than aesthetics. Even scrolling with a mouse pointer isn't a picnic.
  3. I use Evernote on a Surface Pro 2, which has a Wacom stylus (not capacitive). I can write into the desktop app using an Ink Note. It's great! Only scrolling is basically impossible in this mode. The scroll bars have been made far too narrow to get a finger on, and swiping in the note draws a line. The only real way to scroll is to use the stylus itself as a mouse, which is still quite difficult, or to use a mouse scrolling capability. Any chance of a fix here? I don't suppose it's possible to have it write only with the stylus and recognize the finger as scrolling, is there? Win 8.1, Evernote
  4. Just a niggling little thing. When you push the down button on the keyboard, the cursor will move down from one line to the next. Its horizontal position is normally retained if the next line is as long as the current line. Otherwise, the cursor will skip to the end of the next line. But when a line has only a check box in it (on the Windows client), this doesn't happen. Instead, the cursor jumps to the beginning fo the line, before the check box. Now, this is only when the line has no text after the check box, but when you're trying to type a list of things, it's quite annoying, because if you go back to edit the previous line, and then jump down and start typing, the text goes before the check box.
  5. I am a grad student in a research group, and am considering moving the group over to Endnote instead of keeping lab books. The way we usually record scientific research is by writing (with a pen) everything in our notebooks. When we graduate or leave, the notebook is left behind with the research group, so that the principle investigator (PI) and future students have a record of what was done. It's a major hassle, as if you want a copy for yourself, you have to photocopy the whole thing, and of course it isn't searchable. One way to do this is to use Evernote, and convey the notebook to the PI at the end of your tenure. One big disadvantage of this, though, in that if we did that the PI would have to upload a massive amount of data at one time. Another is that if someone leaves unexpectedly, you may not be able to get them to send the data. The other (much better) way to go would be to have a notebook shared between you and the PI while you are working in the lab, and to unshare the notebook when you leave, but keep it so that each person retains a copy of the folder. Then you would have everything you did, and so would the research group. Is there any way to do this?
  6. Dang. Was working great yesterday and today until about 4pm. Now can't connect on iphone or website. I have to echo what other people are saying, though, it seems like EN's team is working earnestly to get this resolved.
  7. No luck with client, even after rebooting. Website appears to time out on both IE and Firefox after hitting "sign in" on the page. Iphone app reports that "the request timed out. Synchronization failed because of an error communicating with the Evernote servers. Please try again later."
  8. Still not fixed for me. The client just sits there at 50% while trying to sync, and the website won't load (eventually I get a server connection reset). The iphone app seems to be working, but that's all. The client log just says 11:31:49 [2860] Received status code 200 when accessing URL http://update.evernote.com/public/ENWin4/update.xml 11:31:49 [2860] AutoUpdate: no update found, remote revision is 115112, local revision is 116979 I tried force quitting it and reloading, but it still does the same. Other people on twitter are reporting issues too. Emails are being picked up by the iphone client, so that's good. But if I want to do any Rich editing, I'm kind of stuck right now.
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