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  1. Yes. It also isn't very helpful that a fair fraction of the time I try to import Onenote notes into Evernote, it crashes the program. I reported it as a bug 6 months ago, and a fix is not forthcoming. Safe to say that EN doesn't appear (to my eyes) to care much about pen-device users.
  2. Still no reply to this from EN. Has anybody tried MS's Onenote on the Surface Pro as an alternative to EN? Since this is the main way I use it, I could just drop EN premium and go with Onenote for awhile. Not preferred, but this issue is both 1. pretty irritating and 2. seems to accomplish nothing other than aesthetics. Even scrolling with a mouse pointer isn't a picnic.
  3. I use Evernote on a Surface Pro 2, which has a Wacom stylus (not capacitive). I can write into the desktop app using an Ink Note. It's great! Only scrolling is basically impossible in this mode. The scroll bars have been made far too narrow to get a finger on, and swiping in the note draws a line. The only real way to scroll is to use the stylus itself as a mouse, which is still quite difficult, or to use a mouse scrolling capability. Any chance of a fix here? I don't suppose it's possible to have it write only with the stylus and recognize the finger as scrolling, is there? Win 8.1, Evernot
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