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  1. Hi! i'd really like to know if we could have a prediction about when evernote will finally fix the "conflict notes errors" and "duplicating notes". I use evernote for GTD, tasks. For me it works very very well. I use evernote for collecting articles, documents, and weak planner.. it's the best! So you imagine i work on tasks from android and windows version at same time. And i check mark tasks as i've finished the tasks all time. So editting the same notes from android and windows versions occurs all day long! And I did that so effectively in another apps as onenote, ticktick, todoist, clickup, bearnotes, applenotes, notion... so far ANY of these never produced "conflict notes". When will you fix this "basic error database" evernote team please??? I love evernote so much but i'm becoming very very frustrated about this sync problems that simply doesn't appear in ANY other apps, just evernote! Please prioritize to correct this error! Don't you see so many technews trying to convince people not to use evernote anymore because of these "sync problems"??? I (and many of my friends... yes, i'd convinced them!) had started to migrate things from notion, trello,etc to evernote but with this "basic error", it's almost impossible to trust and convince anyone to use or migrate to evernote. Users lost so many time comparing "conflict notes" one another, trying to search and find where are these errors in "duplicated notes", it's so annoying! Please solve this soon! Why the reason do we have android, iphone, windows etc versions from evernote if sync process is innefective and produces so many errors??
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