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  1. 1000% this. I am able to use OneNote for free through my employer but I still stick with Evernote because it has been the easiest to organize and use for years. Now that Markdown is so ubiquitous in other tools, however, it's vital for Evernote to include it simply so we can keep a streamlined workflow through all of the tools we need to touch throughout the day.
  2. Not really the same thing. There are dozens of times that I need the same content over and over again into an email or a document or a presentation. I use Evernote as the "holding pen" for those snippets that I continually refine and use throughout my multiple "work lives" and being able to have formatted content that can easily be put into multiple documents would be a gigantic timesaver. And, if the file attachment mechanism works for you, you can keep using it. We're not asking your workflow to change. I am strongly advocating for Markdown because the formatting in Evernote is extremely wonky. There's no easy format painter and I often find myself copying a note into a plain text editor just to copy it back into Evernote and reformat to ensure the formatting is consistent throughout. Markdown would also simplify formatting for notes that are continually revised with content from multiple sources. PLEASE add this feature. It would be a huge productivity boost for many of us.
  3. Well, thank you for following up with us.
  4. I just downloaded the 6.3.2 beta and it is still impossible to scroll a note while marking it up. I hate to be the "rude" customer but this is patently ridiculous. When I am trying to mark up scanned documents I can only see the top half of the page!??? Unbelievably short-sighted when Evernote needs to compete with the OneNote product that is BUILT INTO THE HARDWARE I am trying to use. What gives!?!
  5. Do you have an ETA when this update will be released? I just got a Surface last week and, as of now, Evernote is completely useless to me for document markup.
  6. Guys - Tags are the fundamental means of organization in Evernote. We need to be able to add tags to things we share with Evernote using the Share Sheet in iOS. Selecting a Notebook is just wholly insufficient. I shouldn't have to then bounce to my app, wait for it to refresh, and then add tags in later. PLEASE get the basic functionality in place, ASAP.
  7. Disappointing, but you can't have everything, I guess. This will just make me process my notes more often (which is something I should be doing anyway!) Thanks, Rob
  8. I understand that Egretlist makes lists from notes with checkboxes in them. That's what I'm going for! What I'm trying to figure out is if there's a way to have Evernote automatically insert checkboxes into notes. Right now, the ONLY way to create a checkbox in a note is by using the web or desktop interface. My point is simply that it's very clunky to have to revisit a note that is emailed or created on a mobile device in order to insert a simple checkbox. Rob
  9. I'm an old Evernote user who's getting back in the swing of things. I've been forwarding a large amount of my emails to Evernote, but I have specific follow-up items in many of them that I would like to keep track of. I'd like to use Egretlist to watch my "to do" items in Evernote, but AFAIK there isn't an easy way to automagically create to dos outside of the Evernote interfae. Right now I'm tagging all of the notes that need some kind of follow-up action inserted and then editing them in Evernote. What I'd LIKE is for Evernote to parse emailed notes to replace some special key combo with a checkbox. Is that weird? For example, I'd like to forward an email that contains meeting minutes to Evernote. At the top of the email, I'd like to make a short list of things I have to do related to that meeting. So, I could forward the email and at the top put something like: {todo} Make appointment for X {todo} Submit peer reviews And then have the {todo} strings show up as checkboxes in EN. Just a thought...
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