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  1. 1000% this. I am able to use OneNote for free through my employer but I still stick with Evernote because it has been the easiest to organize and use for years. Now that Markdown is so ubiquitous in other tools, however, it's vital for Evernote to include it simply so we can keep a streamlined workflow through all of the tools we need to touch throughout the day.
  2. Not really the same thing. There are dozens of times that I need the same content over and over again into an email or a document or a presentation. I use Evernote as the "holding pen" for those snippets that I continually refine and use throughout my multiple "work lives" and being able to have formatted content that can easily be put into multiple documents would be a gigantic timesaver. And, if the file attachment mechanism works for you, you can keep using it. We're not asking your workflow to change. I am strongly advocating for Markdown because the formatting in Evernote is
  3. I just downloaded the 6.3.2 beta and it is still impossible to scroll a note while marking it up. I hate to be the "rude" customer but this is patently ridiculous. When I am trying to mark up scanned documents I can only see the top half of the page!??? Unbelievably short-sighted when Evernote needs to compete with the OneNote product that is BUILT INTO THE HARDWARE I am trying to use. What gives!?!
  4. Do you have an ETA when this update will be released? I just got a Surface last week and, as of now, Evernote is completely useless to me for document markup.
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