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  1. I'm still experiencing issues - I had thought the network upgrades might have addressed the problem however this doesn't seem to be the case. I'm finding particularly small notes take the longest time to load - if at all. After uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote, I have a note which is 7 words in length hang with the Loading Note message. After 4 or 5 minutes I've given up, hit the back button and emailed a log in the hope it might help troubleshoot. I've reproduced the situation a few times before sending the log. Also I can see the note on the server via my web browser. I have build 118454 Ver 2.5.1 installed and I note there are later beta versions available - can I try a recent version?
  2. In contrast to recent reports from others, my experience has improved markedly (android client), and I'm not having any obvious sync or note loading issues. However, I'm not able to log into the Evernote website via Firefox which gives a connection reset error or with Internet Explorer which loads the login page but hangs after clicking the sign in button. So a bit of a mixed bag - I'm in Australia. Appreciate the frank status update, I'm looking forward to using Evernote when the network issues are sorted out.
  3. Thanks, I've emailed a screenshot of an error message I got with the title 'Web page not available' from content://com.evernote.evernoteprovider/... which appeared on my phone after a long Loading Note wait. Hope it helps, David
  4. I'm evaluating evernote and love its potential but am finding ongoing problems opening and loading notes. So far all my notes are tiny, just bits of text which at most have a couple of sentences. When I select an existing note to load and view, it often takes a very long time (many minutes) to load and sometimes it just doesn't and I end up with an error message. My data connections are fine and I'm able to log in and view the note using my web browser on my laptop - although last time I tried this I got the following error: Unknown exception (com.google.gwt.event.shared.UmbrellaException: One or more exceptions caught, see full set in UmbrellaException#getCauses) during operation (Unknown). Close Also, to what address can I can send error logs? It would be good if an address field is included in the email generated when clicking the 'Send Log' function in the Evernote menu. Thanks, David
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