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  1. Then I would suggest you don't intall Evenote on a shared device. I treat my iPhone like a credit card & for the few times I hand it over to someone, I watch it like a hawk. I can see that an iPad may be a family/friends device. But then I wouldn't install email, contact info, calendar info, etc (anything you don't want someone messing with) b/c you don't know when someone may mess it up either intentionally or accidentally. Sigh...
  2. . The CTO needs to hear from all the premium customers who want improved security. If enough of us speak up the priorities will change.
  3. >>>>>Don't try the "my kids want to use my iPad without any supervision" excuse.<<<< It's no excuse. It's life. I share my iPad with my children and friends. My desire that the developer add an application passcode is not unreasonable. I am a premium customer and I like would like to see Evernote improve. Lastly, the sarcasm and condescension in your reply is unnecessary.
  4. How complex can you make this? TrueCrypt, PGP, per note text encryption... At a minimum there should be an Evernote startup passcode similar to the type that many other iPad/iPhone apps already have (Including Dropbox app, Goodreader app, etc.). Yes, we all know about the iPad/iPhone's system passcode lock. That's not enough. If you don't know why, you probably don't have kids or colleagues who ask to use your cool device. Keith
  5. PLEASE add some type of application launch password. Call the new product "Evernote Professional" or "Evernote Enterprise" and charge more for it. I'd upgrade from my Premium account for this feature alone. No smileys here... I'm serious. Keith
  6. As a paid subscriber for almost a year, I also find the lack of an app launch password very, very troubling.
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