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  1. I got it working. I used regedit, "find" evernote, and spent about 45 Min deleting anything with "evernote" in it. This done, I ran the installer from the website, and it worked. I do wonder about something that may have caused this, but it is purely conjecture on my part. How I discovered Evernote was when I bought a Sandisk USB Drive. It was one of the promo programs that came with the drive. I installed it, and shortly thereafter, a newer version was announced. I have been updating the program whenever it was announced there was an upgrade. Could it be that there were some registry entires that were not removed correctly from that very first installation? I am glad I got it working again, i love the program, and plan to use it for the long term.
  2. Max, Here is what it returns when I run EvernoteVersions.exe without the /clean C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXX\Desktop>EvernoteVersions.exe Searching under HKLM ... Found: 0 Searching under HKCU ... Found: 0
  3. I ran the fixes requested, and it still tells me I have a previous version installed. Here is the last listing in the install log. (name XXXX'd out) [12/27/2010 14:20:37] Evernote Installation has started [12/27/2010 14:20:37] Checking if a higer version is already installed [12/27/2010 14:20:37] Prduct {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} is listed with MSI. [12/27/2010 14:20:37] User's default language is: 1033 [12/27/2010 14:20:37] Parsing command line: "C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXXXXXXXX\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\N83LUHBS\Evernote_4.1.0.3431[1].exe" [12/27/2010 14:20:37] Prduct {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} is listed with MSI. [12/27/2010 14:20:37] The following arguments will be passed on to msiexec.exe: ALLUSERS=1 [12/27/2010 14:20:37] Checking for previous versions of the product [12/27/2010 14:20:37] Prduct {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} is listed with MSI. [12/27/2010 14:20:37] Prduct {f761359c-9ced-45ae-9a51-9d6605cd55c4} is listed with MSI. [12/27/2010 14:20:37] No previous version of Evernote 4 found. Nothing to uninstall. [12/27/2010 14:20:37] Extracting resource with ID 129 of type BIN to file C:\DOCUME~1\XXXXXXXX~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\Evernote.msi [12/27/2010 14:20:46] Using MSI package from C:\DOCUME~1\DONALD~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\Evernote.msi [12/27/2010 14:20:46] Executing C:\WINDOWS\system32\msiexec.exe /i "C:\DOCUME~1\XXXXXX~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\Evernote.msi" ALLUSERS=1 [12/27/2010 14:20:59] Process execution was successful. [12/27/2010 14:20:59] Installation failed with code: 1638
  4. I am still having a problem installing ver 4 on a XP machine. I love your product, but this is frustrating me to the point where I may have to look at other options. Originally, it came up as an upgrade, which I did. When rebooted, the installation failed saying I had an existing version of Evernote, and to use the control panel-remove programs to continue. When I went to control panel and attempted to remove the product, it tells me that it cannot find the files necessary to remove it. I have tried every suggestion on this forum, and some solutions which are not, and, as of right now, I cannot install V4, nor can I "remove" V3.xxx which does not exist any longer on the machine. I have invested 2 hours attempting to solve this. I will not invest alot more. I need an answer that works to fix this. Thanks in advance.
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