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  1. Thank you for your answer but I have already tried all of these (rebooting my device , removing and reinstalling Evernote App several times) I have also 50GB of free space on my device. My iPhone is a 4S/64GB with iOS 7.04 It looks that I found the problem.The problem exists when I sort my notes by title!! I don't have the problem when the notes in this notebook are sorted by date! The first time that I start evernote, notes are sorted by "date updated" by default and therefore I have no issue but after sorting my notebook by "title" the issue triggers and application freezes! I also just tried Evernote on my iPad and I don't have this problem on it but I prefer to work with iPhone.
  2. I have created a slightly large (130 notes mostly text) notebook in evernote desktop for windows and after the recent iOS upgrade of Evernote, every time I try to open this notebook on my iPhone Evernote,it freezes and I should exit the application.I have noticed that when prior to opening this notebook I open a smaller notebook and after that I open this large one it opens it with no problem!!! I am studying for an important exam currently and I have always liked studying with my everenote notes so please someone help me to solve this problem. -In brief : I have large notebookA and small notebookB (and so many other notebooks) -When I try to open notebookA in my iPhone -----> Evernote freezes -When I first open notebookB and then open notebookA ------> No Problem!! -Also I don't have any problem with Evernote for Windows Thanks Evernote guys!
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