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  1. The problem has solved with the new version of Evernote app on iOS11.
  2. Hi gazumped, Thank you for your reply. I will post the question to StackOverflow.
  3. Hello, I have an iOS app which can share an image to Evernote through UIActivityViewController. My app can share an image in both JPEG and PNG format. so I give a image to UIActivityViewController as Data but not UIImage. Until the previous version of Evernote app, I can share an image to Evernote with no problem. But after I updated to the new version of Evernote app which was released at this August, when I share an image by the same way, the attached image is not visible on the list and editor of Evernote. I have attached a sample image. The sent image file seems lost it's extension(.jpg or .png). Were there any change of specification about the image sharing? and how should I do to handle this operation? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
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