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  1. Or 2009. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/7186-archived-find-and-replace/ Been a Pro customer for several years now but just recently switched to a Mac. It's kinda goofy that I have to copy and paste out to TextEdit, make my changes and then paste it back in. How difficult is single Note F&R? It seems like something someone could accomplish in a quick hackathon. Guessing everyone at EN uses PCs? (Or Google Keep?)
  2. Yes, please. I swore after they killed Reader that I would not use Keep (introduced around the same time). But I have to admit, the tabs of OneNote and the color note backgrounds in Google Keep are really starting to attract me. If Evernote has a deal with Post-It, then why are our only choices for backgrounds in Evernote "white or white"? Either a native background option (would be a single field 6 characters in length per note, right?) or a markup/html tab on notes that let us treat notes more like hypertext cards. Evernote also needs a better way to collect feedback on possible future enhancements. Remember the Milk has a great way of letting people vote.
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