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  1. I'm running Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7. When I select text and right click, I have 3 options available from the right-click context menu: Clip selection Clip this page Clip URL All of these will direct the information into the Evernote application installed on your Windows system.
  2. Philipp, Your photos are safe on your iPhone as long as you have a PIN enabled on it. By configuring the PIN, you have enabled the iPhone security sub-system and the iPhone is now encrypted with a combination of the device hardware key and your PIN so it cannot be unlockied or read without both of those codes. If you're interested in learning a bit more about the security of iOS devices, I'd suggest the following document: http://images.apple.com/ipad/business/docs/iOS_Security.pdf
  3. You get the option if you open a document attached to a note but not if you're just viewing or editing a note.
  4. I have the same setup as GHall and love it. I use my ScanSnap to scan PDFs directly to Evernote. As an example: I've used that method to archive the near 1000 business cards I've collected over the years. One day when I'm sitting in a meeting with a new potential vendor, one of the gents at the table looked familiar so I took his name from the business card he just handed me and I ran a search of Evernote on my iPad and found a business card of his when he was working for a different company years ago.
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