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  1. When I open EN, it automatically syncs with the server. But it also automatically checks for updates to the beta version. Which requires that EN updates and relaunches. Which upsets the effort to sync, so it asks me if I really want to quit, and such-and-such would be the dire consequence of quitting now. How about if the syncing or the beta had a sniffer that could tell when this other activity is going on? If I were less tech savvy, well, I probably wouldn't be doing the beta testing in the first place, but it would be kinda confusing for the easily confused.
  2. You don't think Evernote is pretty? :cry: I think Evernote is quite pretty (I know you weren't asking me). I like its interface better than Omnifocus's
  3. mdave, a like-minded soul. I love it. I'm glad you understood my concept as an empty spot on a shelf. I too have gotten used to tagging in this short time, and have even upgraded my account and gotten everything out of Omnifocus. That said, I still think we should have the option to "Create a new stack," instead of the unintuitive way dragging and dropping notebooks works currently. "Unstack" is a good idea," although "Delete Stack" works for me, as long as it's not getting rid of the notebooks.
  4. I hate the way iOS does it, too, and I otherwise love my iPhone. In fact, I tried doing their folders, and quickly abandoned that. My first screen is Apple apps. Subsequent screens are my apps in alphabetical order. When I want my shopper app, I quickly scroll through the screens until I get to it. Since I'm a visual thinker, I look for the icon. Takes me all of 3 seconds. I don't have to squint at a folder and try to figure out what's in it, despite my naming it. I have puh-lenty of clerical experience (52 years of OCD and listmaking, too), and I know how to organize things so they're at my fingertips. Tagging to me is like having a whole bunch of colored Post-It notes - pretty, but not a great solution, IMHO. It requires that I remember how I tagged something before. When I look for someone in my Address Book on my Mac, sometimes I type their first name, sometimes I type their last, and sometimes I type their company name, depending on if my brain is in right-brain mode or left-brain mode. Strangely, Address Book is always able to find it. And I didn't have to tag anything. I'm a power user of my computer, for everything from graphic and web design to bookkeeping in QuickBooks. My system works awesomely, because it's efficient and I don't have to spend a lot of attention on it. So name the empty stack "leave-a-spot-on-the-shelf-for-my-upcoming-stack-of-notebooks," so we get the nomenclature out of the way (and actually, I don't generally *stack* my notebooks, because if I want to get to the notebook at the bottom, I'll end up with an avalanche, so a *stack* of notebooks to me is just silly. I put them side by side). I also don't want to spend a lot of time tagging things just so I can find them later. But let the record show I am trying to assimilate. Because I really do kinda like Evernote better than Omnifocus.
  5. I will love it enough to marry it and pay for the premium account if I can create an empty stack and then pull notebooks into the empty stack. Kind of like "Here's the empty place on my bookshelf where I am going to stack my notebooks." Considering I just moved and had to make room for about 10 notebooks, I'm well-acquainted with this concept.
  6. I'm a web developer creating sites in Dreamweaver using CSS, so I understand about subfolders and nested tags, etc. I'm also a graphic designer used to dealing with the vicissitudes of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. I'm also a treasurer of a nonprofit organization and experienced bookkeeper, using QuickBooks and its chart of accounts. It's not that I'm afraid to learn it, or that I can't learn it, it's that I'm tired. I don't WANT to learn a whole new way of doing things. I have my plate full with keeping up on Adobe's new software every 18 months or so, and new browsers, and HTML5 and CSS3, and new design trends, and ever-changing tax laws. I just don't want to have to think that hard just to manage my time and my projects. I really need my project management stuff to be no-brainer and intuitive so I'm not too overwhelmed to dig into it every day, because it's just one more huge chore. Otherwise, I'll just avoid it. And isn't that really what it boils down to - something so easy, people don't mind using it, and maybe they even look forward to it? Just sayin'.
  7. Food for thought. Nothing is counted out. I'm always willing to learn something different. And even as a dyed-in-the-wool Mac use, I can acknowledge that nothing, including Macs (I'm a Zealot), is perfect. Unless I learn programming, I will never get anything that does exactly what I want it to. Let's just say that I was really excited about Stacks, and then not so much (don't love Stacks on the Mac, either). I really don't care about sub folders 18 deep - one sub is usually good for me, so a notebook in a stack is just great, but I do think that it wouldn't take much to just have a way to add an empty stack (call it something else if the semantics is too upsetting to Evernote's creators), and pull notebooks into it from there. That's all. Piece of cake. And I will learn to use tags.
  8. Huh, I wonder why it didn't work before (yes, I spelled the word correctly in the first place). In any case, considering my client files are arranged on my Mac in the way I described, and in my filing cabinets the way I described, and in my Mail program in the way I described, it only makes sense for me to use a filing/notebook system that works in the way my other filing systems work. Thank you for your time.
  9. If the tags weren't case-sensitive, I could get used to it. But I tried entering the tags in the incorrect case, and they didn't work.
  10. How about if I could just create a stack that I plan to add notebooks to, name it what I want, and start putting notebooks into it? A folder works like a notebook - it's a place to gather documents, organized as we wish in a way that makes sense to us. On my hosting server, everything is broken down into folders for particular purposes. It's a good idea not to put something into certain folders, because I might break something, and the site won't work. In the folder I'm allowed to put sites into, each site gets its own folder, because each site is only allowed one index.html file. Otherwise, the different sites will break if the browser is searching for a the correct index.html files in a folder containing a lot of them, all at the same level of hierarchy. So of course it's not intuitive for me to drag one client's folder into another client's folder just to make a stack. In my world, that's a recipe for disaster. This just seems so basic to me. I also find tags to be incredibly annoying and not the way I think, especially since Evernote's tags seem to be case sensitive. If you want to talk about clutter, think of a list of hundreds of tags, even if you can put them in subfolders. Oy! I hate tags. And I'm not married to using Evernote. There are other products out there that do the same kind of thing, like Springpad. So meh, if Evernote doesn't provide what I need, I'll look elsewhere. Something else is bound to come along, if it doesn't exist already. Evernote is only forcing its method on those who choose to stick around. Based on the features request, they're kind of foolish to ignore the sub-sub-sub notebooks. It seems pretty popular. They may have over 8 million people using Evernote, but how many people have stopped using it because a lack of a feature is a dealbreaker, but they're still included in the numbers Evernote hands out? Just sayin'. I WAS using it for a bunch of stuff, and now I'm just using it for recipes. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'm a user, but still looking elsewhere.
  11. What I WANTED was to create a stack for my client notebooks. Since there is no way to just create a stack and then put notebooks into it, I guess this is not a selling point for me. It seems counterintuitive to me to drag a client's folder INTO a what could conceivably be another client's folder just to create a stack. Think of it this way. I have a notebook for Joe's Grill. I have a notebook for Jill's Salon. I want a stack named Clients to enclose all these. Why would I intuitively drag Joe's Grill into Jill's Salon to create a stack that would enclose both of them as separate entities? It would make more sense to be able to create a stack from the outset called Clients, and then drag each of those notebooks into it. I think it's also easy to get wrapped up in the name, "Stacks," instead of the function - subfolders - that people have been requesting (because I've read the feature requests). There is a reason people are asking for sub-sub-sub folders, because we probably operate more in a File Drawer/Pendaflex folder/manila folder world than we do a notebook world, and the computer version has made it possible to put folders inside of folders inside of folders. File cabinet on steroids. "Notebook" is cute and all, but actually, I'm more about folders and organization. And, of course, for overall file management, I can do exactly what I'm describing on a PC or Mac, because they're all about nested-nested-nested folders. It's the difference between good file management and having files covering your computer desktop. To be honest, I downgraded my Evernote plan to the free one (after having upgraded it), and I just keep my recipes in Evernote. The inability to work in an intuitive workflow such as I describe with Evernote has caused me to look again at the Omnifocus software for the Mac I have. It can do much of the same stuff Evernote can do except put notes in it (that's a request Omnifocus is working on) and the whole PDF reading thing. I kind of like Evernote more (it seems more fluid), but without the intuitive ability to do what I describe, I might as well use the OF software I already have (and don't have to pay extra for), since it's a little closer to what I need. I'd upgrade my Evernote account again in a heartbeat if I could do this one thing and not have to think too hard about it.
  12. I created a notebook called "Clients," then I created a notebook for one of my clients - for the sake of argument, "Joe's Grill." When I dragged the "Joe's Grill" into the "Clients" notebook so that "Clients" would be the enclosing notebook, Evernote's Stacks actually created yet another notebook called "Notebook Stack" and put "Clients" and "Joe's Grill" into that. Now, this is just counterintuitive. On my Mac desktop, or in documents or Mail or whatever, I create an folder called "Clients." I create another folder called "Joe's Grill." I drag "Joe's Grill" into "Clients," and the OS grasps that I am using "Clients" as an enclosing folder. How about if I create a notebook in Evernote called "Clients" and I drag "Joe's Grill" INTO that notebook, like I was adding a manila folder to a Pendaflex hanging folder called "Clients," and Evernote doesn't make extra work for me? Because now I have to go into Evernote, rename the "Notebook Stack" notebook as "Clients," and REMOVE the notebook named "Clients" that's within it.
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