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  1. I think the checkboxes are great, but when you check them it should give some sort of indication that the task is done - whether it's crossing it out, greying it out or deleting it.
  2. And more on that note, it would be great to have a separate widget just for task lists. If done well it could even replace our current task managers.
  3. Could be. Or it could be that most Android users do care about aesthetics, but just happen to share a different opinion than you. But no, you're right & everybody else is wrong.
  4. Personally I like the new UI waaaaaay more than the previous one. I find it much nicer & like the widget a lot better as well. There are some things I'd like to see changed, like opening directly into the notes list for instance, but I'm very happy with the design.
  5. Just a couple suggestions of things I'd like to see: - Hand-writing/drawing, and ability to combine this with photo notes (i.e. you take a picture of a document & then circle the important information) - Option to edit photo notes, i.e. crop the picture & rotate it (since Android displays all camera photos in landscape even if taken in portrait) - Option to open Evernote directly to notes list instead of menu - Option to just display the notes without headers for a more clean look (i.e. displayed alphabetically, but without the "A, B, C" headers) Thanks!
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