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  1. The problem is when you're not the only person using a computer. While evernote is signed out, google isn't. Either way it should be an opt-in thing, not an opt-out thing. This is exactly why I have started to hate tech like Evernote. Just don't take ***** before asking period
  2. So, I search something random on Google, where I am signed in as I'm using my e-mail, etc., and I see clippings of notes from Evernote on the right, reminding me to sign in to Evernote. Now, I was shocked to see them as those were very personal. I know nobody else is seeing them, just me signed in on this computer, but seeing my personal notes clipped felt like an incredible invasion of privacy. I don't know who the hell had the idea to do this, but instead of making me want to continue using this product, it turned me off completely. I deleted every single one of my notes even though I
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