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  1. I installed the latest release today and since then have been unable to sync at all and, possibly as a result, I also cannot use the note linking feature. My log is attached. Evernote_6.5.4.4720_20170329.log
  2. I have several fairly long notes which I would like to be able to add internal bookmarks to so I can jump directly to certain parts. Perhaps they could be displayed at the top of the notes as is sometimes done for long web pages. I have searched the EN documentation as well as the forum but I can't seem to find anything like this. I'd be grateful if someone can suggest a workalike for this.
  3. Hi Phil - I received the notes on the at&t address only and have replied on ticket #248650. The suggestions did not work but I have sent more activity logs. Please ask Anirban (and anyone else working on the ticket) to continue to use at least the sbcglobal.net and um.att.com ones on any further emails so I can continue to research that problem as well. Thanks for your help. Ann
  4. Hi Phil - thanks for your note. I have no idea where these things are going. They are not in my spam folder. I have had other problems in the past and your emails got through with no problem. The email you should have on file is annvwuelfing@sbcglobal.net. You can try either annvwuelfing@gmail.com or annvwuelfing@um.att.com. The first is routed to my sbcglobal account the second is not. As a matter of fact, it would be nice if you could resend the messages addressed to all three and I can see where it ends up. Please post here again when you have resent do I will know when to look. Thanks. Ann
  5. To metrodon & BurgersNFries - thanks for your response but I have already tried the option you both suggest several times and have not received the automated response. My question is where to I go from here. There does not seem to be another way to request support.
  6. I am a premium user who has recently tried to report a problem to Evernote through the web form (last week and maybe the week before). After posting basically the same problem several times with no response (not even an acknowledgement) and checking my spam folder, I began to think there was something the matter with the communication path. So two days ago I resorted to sending an email to the address (en-support@evernote.com) used in their previous support emails. There has been no response to that message either (but, at least I have a record of sending it) so I am posting here since there is nothing else left to do and hoping that someone from EN will respond. There is no support phone number so if this does not work my only option will be (gasp) the postal service. Help!
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