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  1. Yes, if one is content to read and decide on all e-mail online (as we are told in previous posts). The sort of mail I get is text heavy -- clips of articles from all over from a large group of people which I download for eventual reading, filtering and possible clipping.
  2. Thanks to all for this information. Sounds like we would have to re-send e-mails to ourselves after downloading and reading, then go to online e-mail to clip them. Looks like we're stuck with cut and paste.
  3. In response to a previous question about linking Firefox to Evernote, Jeff (jeffito) steered me to Mozilla and its add-ons. I went looking there to see if there's an equivalent add-on for Thunderbird (Mozilla's e-mail client) so as to patch e-mail into Evernote, but found nothing. Anyone know of such a possibility. Steve
  4. I believe I read that one can have a "button" on the shortcut bar across the top of a browser (Firefox in my case) which automatically adds what's in the browser window to Evernote. Can someone point me to how to add that link in Firefox? Many thanks in advance.
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