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  1. I find it quite hard to accept that you either have to be a couple months behind, or to expose yourself to malicious addons by disabling the signing requirement. There should be another way.
  2. Doesn't work with firefox 41.0b1 on Mint Linux x64, because the xpi isn't signed. Could you please upload a signed xpi? Thanks.
  3. Same problem as with 6.0.15 for me. The Evernote button does show much faster, but the browser still stays unresponsive (one CPU core constanlty at 100%) and the memory usage skyrockets. Additionally, as before, using about:memory - the per tab window/event target/event listener are gone - but enabling Evernote stiil causes a massive 5GB heap allocation. Anonimized memory reports - before enabling Evernote Web Clipper, After enabling Evernote Web Clipper. Firefox 37.0.2, Linux x64, Evernote Web Clipper 6.0.17, no other extensions enabled. As I use Evernote extensively in my day to day workflow - missing it is a major pain, so I'll gladly help as much as I can fixing this problem
  4. As much as I can see (using about:memory) the problem is that the web clipper creates three windows, event targets & event listeners per tab (whatever the tab is loaded or not), and causing a lot of heap allocations [that do seem like a mem leak of sorts] along the way. The CPU usage climbs peaks to 100% in three cases - on initial launch, on oppening a new tab and when another mem allocation occurs and firefox pages out (which happens quite a lot - as I see a mem usage increase of about ~6GB after enabling the web clipper). Edit: Here is a Firefox memory report, after enabling the web clipper and minimizing memory.
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