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  1. Coming in late to this discussion, I, too, think that easy ways to split as well as merge notes would be a terrific addition to Evernote. Why? This is one of the features I like best in Scrivener. I would happily use Scrivener on my iPad+bluetooth keyboard but the application doesn't exist for iPad. Just yesterday I saw an Evernote blog story promoting Evernote as a writer's tool. With splitting as well as merging, I could do most of what I can do in Scrivener on all my devices. That would be totally cool. Or maybe not. To be totally cool would require a display of notes in a dedicated notebook that could be shuffled and merged on screen and also split from inside the note. Just saying.
  2. I will be blunt. The new iPad interface? I hate it. Why do I hate it? It violates the basic rule of good Web design, "Don't make me think." The old standard layout made it perfectly clear how to add tags or change notebooks. The new one leaves me clueless. The old standard layout may have resembled the one in a lot of Mac/iPad programs—BUT THAT WAS A GOOD THING. I didn't have to chance habits while moving from one program to another. Please, for God's sake, at least make it obvious how to add tags and change notebooks!!!
  3. Any chance of getting Evernote integrated into Scrivener the way it is integrated into Curio? I've got masses of notes in Evernote that I would like to access without leaving Scrivener.
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