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  1. Addition and integration of Skitch is great! An issue a noticed with installation of the beta. After installing, there was a notification on the screen saying: Upgrading database. The notification did not go away for over a half hour. I had to reboot.
  2. Yes, I agree. From MY perspective: - The branding looks unprofessional. I don't send emails to clients from evernote because of it. I think it would make me look unprofessional for using what appears (to someone unfamiliar with evernote) to be an unprofessional product. Branding on mobile phones is different. It has a practical purpose, in that it explains the brevity in messages. From Evernote's perspective: - IMHO, it seems Evernote might get more folks to take premium accounts, if they removed the branding from premium accounts.
  3. There is an Android app called EverPaint. It's a simple ink app that creates an Evernote note.
  4. Мне было интересно, то же самое.
  5. Thanks for the tip! With the word wrap, that works well. Edubb
  6. Is it me, or are the checkboxes on the Android app too small to be useful? I find it difficult to read the state of the checkboxes on my 480 x 800 screen, especially if I'm doing something where I want to be able to glance quickly at it. Suggestion: Either make checkbox font size changable or use a checkbox character that makes it easier to tell if checked or not. EDubb
  7. I have the same gripe as OP about another product ... hard drives. I went to buy a bigger the hard drive for my computer and they want to charge me for it. It's just plain wrong. I'm going to be storing to MY data on the drive, and Western Digital wants to charge me a hard drive. It's my data, why should I have to pay to store it. It's not just wrong, it's unethical. Now that I think about it, the whole computer should be free...as long as I only put my data on it. E
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