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  1. Chronic (pen/paper) note taker here, just cannot get into the hang of taking notes on my laptop during a meeting or call. I was transcribing notes into EN but fell woefully behind so found that scanning my written notes from standard 8.5 x 11 pad paper into EN via my fujitsu scansnap. I have to add tags and a title but this works fairly well. HERE'S THE QUESTION.... Frequently when scanning a multipage (paper) note the back page, which is blank, of the note pages appear in the (ever)note, so a 3 page (paper) note would have page w/ writing, blank page, page with writing, blank page, etc.. Is there anyway to edit that (ever)note and delete those blank pages? I can't figure it out, THANKS in advance.
  2. One idea that I use is to preface the title of each to-do note with a date in the following format: yyyymmdd so a note containing a to-do with the title "Prepare for meeting with Jim Smith" would become "20120422 Prepare for meeting with Jim Smith" this allows you to sort your notes by TITLE and have the due dates sort accordingly.
  3. Greetings, I'm running Lotus Notes 8.5 on Windows. There is a feature which allows you to use widgets with Notes and if possible I'd like to find an Evernote widget/gadget so I can quickly send messages (emails) from Notes into EN. I'm going an an IBM board to try to find a widget catalog but has anyone else integrated an EN widget with Notes 8.5? Thanks
  4. If I log out of Evernote on my mac are the notes safe? What I mean specifically, say I quit Evernote on my mac and have logged out, if I go to finder and click on a note the Evernote application opens and I'm asked for my password which would lead me to think that an unauthorized user would not be able to read my notes. If my mac was stolen would a thief (assuming he has technical ability) be able to open those notes some other way? Could they import those notes into another Evernote client and read them? Wondering if I need to start encrypting my Evernote file. Thanks
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