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  1. The context feature seems useful, especially with long notes, but its sometimes difficult to know what has triggered a particular context suggestion and if its worth digging though a long note for context info. Hence, it would be nice if each context suggestion would "reveal" what info has triggered them (notebook, tags, title, keywords, etc.) and perhaps highlighting those words in the current note that has triggered the particular context suggestion.
  2. I found the problem. The ToDo lists I had previously viewed on my Android device would not allow me to change the state of checkboxes; However new notes or notes I hadn't previously opened on my device work fine. I'm having the same issue -- can't toggle the checks on some notes. It's possible that it's because they'd previously been opened, but it seems highly unlikely. . . Same thing here except that I can't get to toggle checkboxes at all on my phone. New or old notes, no difference. Is there an sollution?
  3. When viewing a single note and tapping the "more notes" option at the bottom of the screen it would be more convenient if the title of the note was displayed above the note-thumbnail and not below. This way your thumb would not obstruct the view of the note title when swiping.
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