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  1. Thanks for the replies. The data is sensitive, uh, mostly to myself. Ouch, what a time it's been. But I certainly appreciate the warning about sensitive data. 250 notebooks and auto import not creating stacks automatically. Sorry to hear evernote is still limited that way.
  2. I have a directory of legal files. The directory is filled with subdirectories, each subdirectory's name follows a "YYYYMMDD - Description" and directory contains half a dozen files of correspondence to/from my attorney or motions or orders surrounding a legal issue in my divorce. There are about 2 gigs of data, of which 500 Mb are text, pdf, and .doc, and the other 1.5 Mb are some large videos. I would love to: Import the whole thing into Evernote with one click Get a list of which files Evernote doesn't import due to size or other restrictions Have the directory structure recreated as a stack of notebooks And the reason I want to do this is so I can + search pdfs + make various common tags across documents ("me", "her", "court order", "visitation", ...) stuff like that. And if I can do that, I can probably throw away a large filing cabinets worth of paper! Can this be done with Evernote Premium? What is the best way to do this? Thanks
  3. As an aside, it's hard to know from the forum who is an Evernote Employee or not. I accept your explanation of the feature here, and I believe you are asking me to pay for this feature twice, at a time when most of the net says this feature should be free. If I have a free account and download my private-islands-I-own notebook down, does the bandwidth for that count against my monthly free allocation? If I have a premium account does transferring that notebook count against premium monthly bandwidth allocations? If so, why would you charge me additionally for the offline storage feature? Because the way I see it as a random user, it's my data and you should make it available. Doing so isn't a nice thing, doing so is a must thing just for you to compete. As your announcement states: offline notebooks is your most requested feature. I don't need the other premium features and so the $45 per year charge just for offline storage is much too high. Google / Dropbox and others make me pay for the amount of storage after giving me some amount of free storage. But they don't make me pay for the excess bandwidth to move the data back and forth. AT&T / Tmo / ... already make me pay for bandwidth and excess bandwidth. But you folks want me to pay for bandwidth AND storage. And you set a pretty pricey amount on that as well. Who else does that? When I hear your other employees suggesting we have to pay for feature development/maintenance/testing, I do sympathize. Of course we do. But it's mostly beside the point, especially because you are charging a monthly/yearly subscription fee for that new feature and not charging a one time fee. So your challenge is finding a way to make us pay in a way that makes your offering attractive in the market place. I know I need and want offline storage, and there are some very nice alternatives that are not $45 per year, or anywhere close to that. I would not mind an ad based evernote. I would pay $.99 - $19.00 for an incredibly great evernote 2.0 premium app. I ain't paying $5 per month or $45 per year for that. As others say it's a free market and I can walk away. And that's fine.
  4. Additionally, if Android works like the iDevices, you can access your data as long as you have an internet connection. The premium account allows you to store that data on your device. It's hardly unethical to charge someone for using (voluntarily, I might add) a product one has spent a lot of time & money creating and continues to spend a lot of time & money maintaining & adding new features. If I wanted an iDevice, guess what I would have bought? If I wanted an iTunes sync cord device, guess what I would have bought? I bought a cloud syncing device.
  5. Is it being stored on your servers or theirs? viewtopic.php?f=51&t=19427&p=80583&hilit=reminder+money#p80583 When you type your email at google/yahoo/... is that your email or their's? My data should be mine, not evernotes. I should be able to back it up, delete it, whatever. It's my data. Just because it's on their servers is completely besides the point. When you park at work, whose car is it?
  6. Hi Evernote, I am grossly offended that you charge for offline storage on Android. I entered the data on Android, and then you whisk the data away and charge me $45 per year to access it locally. Is it my data or yours? It's one thing to charge for your other premium features, bandwidth, storage, faster processing times, other features. But it's outrageous to charge me for access to my own data. And I'll go so far to say it's unethical as well. I can only hope it's a lousy marketing strategy and your competitors will take advantage of it. I tried out SpringPad a few months ago, and it was very buggy. Time to try again. I tried out Catch Notes and it is not nearly as full featured, but my data is my data, and offline access to my data is a huge value over Evernote 2.0 Android.
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