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  1. This is still driving me crazy. As a test I hid all 8 columns, and saw them all listed in the "Hidden Columns noteTab" array of the plist file. But then I relaunch Evernote and the 'Created' column is showing again, even though that column is set to be hidden in the plist file. Evernote, any word on this? It even happens when I destroy my plist file and have it auto-create a new one.
  2. Anyone??? I see I'm not the only one with this issue. If nothing else, can someone please tell me how to edit the plist file manually to hide/show the columns I want? It looks like the columns are referenced by numbers.
  3. Any update on this? I noticed that it happens on one of my computers but not the other. Is a file to clear or something to try to fix it?
  4. How come every time I relaunch Evernote the columns get reset? I really don't want the 'Created' column ever, and I remove it but it's back next launch and i have to remove it again. I'm pretty sure it didn't used to do this -- I think it used to have persistent columns across launches. Please bring it back or help me figure out what I can do to work around this.
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