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  1. I have the new version of Evernote installed and see this issue was fixed. Thank you for the prompt reaction, I appreciate that. Dave
  2. You know it! Evernote is right up there with things like Email if you ask me.
  3. I have it on two workstations and both do the same, I downgraded one to to take the photo/screenshot of for the post above. I shot a video to clarify what I am trying to explain. is the version of Foxit PDF Reader installed I will give the beta version a try. Thanks
  4. Not comfortable so it's Evernote's problem? Having a consumer dig through exported HTML files and manually grab the contents out of the files is more than simply just too "tech", it's a missing feature or function. This sounds like something you would read on a Linux user forum, surprised we haven't been told to read the readme files or something. I have over 1,262 notes with a database size of 2.10GB. If I had to do your so called method of exporting them, I would be at it for months. Thankfully there is a 3rd party tool perform this task. That said, I don't plan on leaving the service, I have been using it since June of 2009 and it's become a integral part of my day to day life.
  5. In the previous version of Evernote for Windows, 5.4.1 the PDF controls floated and were always available no matter were you had scrolled the top of the PDF file. The new version has the controls scroll up out of view with the top of the PDF:
  6. Searching in the note title is the default & works for me. IOW, if "abc" is in the note title but not the note, that note is in the results pane when searching for abc. I assure you that isn't the case for myself. For example, here is a note title "14-1175 - Valley Contracting - Dickinson, IA-BO 102" If I search for Valley, that note will not be in the results. If I copy that and paste the text from the title into the note somewhere, it then is in the results.
  7. Is there a way to include the note title in the searches? Currently when I search by something in the title that isn't in the note itself, they do not come up in the results. My fix so far is to repeat the title again in the note. But I have 547 notes in this one folder that I use to organize my projects. It would be time consuming to go back through each of them to copy and paste the title into the body.
  8. When I have an existing note, and I want to add a photo using the camera from within Evernote, the photo is added. But when I click "Done", I get the message "Note Not Changed" and my photo is discarded. I have to type something for it to recognized the change and keep the photo.
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