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  1. Thanks for the quick response. That was my impression over the years. I just retested this from a variety of email accounts and it appears that the problem only exists with my main work email account. Thus, the problem is likely on my corporate side. I'll try to figure that out as it isn't an Evernote problem.
  2. I wanted to email support about an issue that I ended up posting on the forum instead. That was not possible because every time I try to access "Help & Learning" I get logged out. Logging back in and selecting the "Email Us" button does the same thing. It's a continuous loop with no chance to reach the email service.
  3. Email I forward to my Evernote account is only accepted if it is coming from the email account associated with Evernote. Is there any way to associate additional email accounts with my Evernote account? This would greatly help my workflow as my Evernote account is associated with my personal email account and I mostly forward from my work email account. Thanks for any assistance.
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