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  1. I have EN 4.0 on multiple computers, one of which is a work laptop that I would like to password protect / require a password to launch EN. I can't seem to find the setting for this, can anyone help? I just want EN to require a password everytime it is launched. Thanks!
  2. @ Canyon - Thanks! I am on Windows and will definitely check it out. @ Shimra - Yeah, I know they don't always correspond, however I figured with new functionality and while the creative juices were flowing, the desktop app might also see some new changes to reflect that.
  3. Loving the mobile beta app, looking forward to the final release...but curious if this might also include a new desktop program to go along with it?
  4. @Juwlz You're right, I just saw it (mea culpa). It seems to default to "My Notebook", which is fine, but would be nice to pick which notebook to send it to.
  5. @acjohnson Agreed. I was getting frustrated with the previous version on the Market and was beginning to consider other apps. I wasn't a fan of the old UI and the app wasn't as useful as I thought it would be as a result. Felt clunky. Ever since I installed the Beta, I have been using it daily and began migrating a ton of notes, information etc. The new design is so much easier to use, more intuitive and as a result, I launch the app and desktop versions many times throughout the day and it has begun an essential tool for me. I travel for work, so saving itineraries etc is a breeze, quick notes, thoughts for projects, To Do lists etc. Quick question for others. I may be missing it, but is there a way to upload a PDF or word doc to a note? Right now when I get my itinerary, I have to simply copy and paste the info, but a lot of times I get a PDF version that would be a lot easier to just upload to a new note for quick reference on the go. Also, it would be cool if there were a "Read Later" option. I come across an interesting article, but can't read at that moment, so I usually use the web clipper to send the URL to a note...which is fine, but would be cool if article populated a note versus just the URL. Lastly, a 'share to' option when I am browsing on my phone would be cool. If I come across something, it would be nice to (within my browser options) to have an option to share to Evernote. Right now it is things like dropbox, twitter, facebook.
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