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  1. The PDF to Evernote is great functionality. I'd still like to be able to clip something from the clipboard directly into Evernote via the Services menu. I'm now using Clip.to to accomplish that task, but don't you think it should be part of the product, as it is with Notebook, BBEdit and iData? I know I'd use it every day!! Thanks.
  2. Megsaint, that was a great suggestion. I downloaded it and it does exactly what I wanted. I would not have known about this Mac app without your help. Thanks!
  3. I'd like to be able to clip something directly into Evernote without going from clipboard and then having to paste it manually. I know I can do this from the web with the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, but I'd like to do it with material from my Mac. As an example, with Notebook, I can create a selection, right-click, and choose to "Clip to Notebook" or a specific page I've made for clippings in Notebook. Does anyone know how I can do that in Evernote, or a product in Trunk that would accomplish the same thing? Thanks!
  4. You don't need any software to do this. On a Mac, create a keyboard shortcut in Services to insert the date and time in the format you'd like into any field that accepts text. I am sure the same functionality is available under Windows in Control Panel.
  5. I agree. This had me stumped until I came across your post. This option should be in Preferences to turn spelling and/or grammar on or off by default. Thanks for the post!
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