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  1. Even if that's the case, Evernote has no business taking an absurd amount of resources. I was greeted by a memory error earlier and upon checking, it was Evernote that I closed an hour before, eating 80% of my 16GB memory. What does it think it is? A high-end game? The old version of Evernote didn't have this kind of problem. Please fix.
  2. OMFG. I was checking emails on my PC when I was greeted by an error that is something along the lines of "can't open this page because there is not enough memory." When I looked at task manager, Evernote was eating 80% of my PC's 16GB memory!!! This happened after explicitly exiting the app an hour before. 😡 Evernote isn't even open, yet it's consuming an absurd amount of memory! FIX THIS ASAP.
  3. Noted and prioritized 9 years ago... 🤔 The upcoming read-only option must be revolutionary if it took them a decade to develop. 🙄
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